Monday, December 25, 2006

The Greenville Wedding

It was definitely worth the drive, but oh what a drive! Missy was beautiful, her dress was beautiful, and it was so fun being with her family and the Greenville friends. I even got to see some friends from college - Mike & Julie. That was a bit of surprise since I hadn't seen them since graduation. It's wonderful to see how the Lord puts people to together who know people who know each other, etc. I guess that means that it is a small world! It was also encouraging to hear how the Lord had been sustaining them and leading them. Good stuff!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Headin' South

Yay! Tomorrow morning bright and early I'm hopping in my little Corolla Sport, picking up a friend and we're headed south on a whirlwind trip to Greenville (my favorite little get away spot). It's my favorite little get away spot mostly because of my fabulous friend Missy who lives there. She's getting married on Thursday and then moving to Vienna. So, I'm guessing that instead of a trip to Greenville for the Greek Fest in May, I'll be waiting a little later into the year and boarding a flight to Austria instead. Thank God for friends who live all keeps me from going stir crazy here at home. The past two years I have maintained the travel goal of being out of town for at least one whole day every month. It puts lots of miles on my car, but it keeps me content. I think that next year I will revise my goal a bit and maybe just take two really big trips. I need to go to Vienna and I would also like to make a trip back out to Hawaii to visit Cody. Too bad I don't work for an airline. But my company is fabulous about time off. Next year I get 26 days paid time off plus 7 holidays. Yahoo! I love my job!
Side note - I bought a digital camera today so just maybe I will be able to post some pics on here from the wedding!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Taking the Plunge!

Even though today I feel so weak that I couldn't walk around the block (due to my flu diet of hot tea, pretzels, and Diet Sprite) I am mailing in my application for a training program. This is not just any little program, no way. This is to train for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. I ran in it with my sister in 2004 and we just did our training as best we could based on internet research. This time my sis can't do it along with me but another friend has stepped up. There is a running club here in town with an excellent training program so we decided to write the $120 check (I know - gulp!) and we're hoping it will be worth it. I've been running almost since I graduated from college although I'm not tremendously faithful all the time. My brave friend that is doing the program with me has never been a runner. I'm thinking it could be interesting and definitely fun. I'll have to let you know how the race goes on May 5th. It's 13.1 miles of interesting curb-side entertainment (anything from bag pipe bands to garage bands), a lap around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and too many gatorade stops. It's the largest half marathon in the nation with 35,000 atheletes and the race kicks off the 500 Festival which culminates in the famous Indianpolis 500. Good stuff!

Nuclear Pharmacy

I'm getting a little extra quality time at home due to a vicious case of the flu (of which I will spare you the details) so I thought I would post a little explanation of nuclear pharmacy. I was looking for a job four years ago when I found an classified ad for medical delivery persons. I thought that it probably had to do with home oxygen service and I thought that was surely something that I could do so I jotted down the address and went to apply. Wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find the place, which was very frustrating because I have lived here my whole life. I discussed it with my dad that evening and he gave me directions and I decided that if I had time the next day I would still go and apply. Long story short, I went in, applied, interviewed and was offered a job as an office administrator at a nuclear pharmacy. Nuclear pharmacy? What in the world is that?
Nuclear pharmacies dispense radioactive pharmaceuticals to hospitals and clinics mostly for diagnostic imaging tests. We are a small lab and dispense anywhere from 125-175 doses per day. We service about an 80 mile radius and have a staff of 6 drivers, 2 pharmacists, and me - a pharmacy technician/office administrator. I love my job because I get to operate within almost every facet of our business. I can milk the generators (get the radioactive material out so that we can work with it), I can compound the drugs, draw doses (almost everything we dispense is in a syringe), perform quality control tests, pack up cases, tear down cases, and make deliveries. I can also help maintain the pharmacy's radiation safety paperwork (in case of an audit by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and I run the office. The office stuff consists of billing our customers, turning in payroll, managing our fleet, accounts payable, and anything else my boss dreams up. Some days are really super busy but most of the time I get a change to sit down with my boys (I'm the only girl on staff) and have a cup of coffee and shoot the breeze. It is definitely not a high stress environment and I am so thankful for that. When I first started working there I thought the coolest thing about the job was that we got to wear lab coats and drive company cars. Now that I've been with the company for four years (next week) I realize that it is so much more than that. I'm truly blessed to have this job and I'm so grateful that I serve a God who is active in placing me where I can best be used. He has helped me develop the skills I need to perform the job and He has been faithful to give me opportunites to minister to the guys I work with. Answered prayers all around!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Remember me??

Well, here I am. I stumbled onto the list of other Northland bloggers and couldn't resist joining in. The challenge will now be finding time to get this all set up and updated regularly. And I'm going to have to learn how to get pictures moved around. I have lots of them trapped on my ipod and I don't know how to get them out...a project for another day!