Thursday, December 13, 2007

Closet Fears

Ever feel afraid of something but think, oh man is that ever stupid, so you don't tell anyone about it? I call those closet fears. Things that I'm just a little worried about but I don't really want anyone to know 'cause it's kind of silly. Well, I've got one that I just feel compelled to confess. I wonder how many of you out there will have to admit that it worries you, too?
Here's what scares that the weather is colder our city has had a repeat of an annual problem. The temperatures drop & scads of crows move into town. I'm not talking about starlings or anything like that. These crows are the size of bowling balls. They are noisy & they are messy. But I'm not afraid they're going to attack me. I'm afraid of something else altogether. Recently I've been needed to make local deliveries for work. The first run goes out at 6:30 in the morning. That's when all the crows are stirring around. Seriously, it's like a black cloud overhead. And here's my's just a matter of time before I get nailed by you-know-what. And when it happens, I'll bet I get hit multiple times. Yuck just doesn't begin to cover it. That's my closet fear.
Anybody out there ever get 'hit'?

A Little Christmas Cheer

Every year my dad spends a lot of time & energy shaping this bush into a snowman. I hope you can tell from the picture that he is holding a Christmas tree which is also decorated complete with a star on top. My mom loves snowmen so my dad makes sure to get this one ready for her every Christmas. What a guy!
I have to say that I think their house is the best decorated house in town!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


For the last year or so I have had some struggles with my feet as a result of my running. I have a bone spur on my left heel & I've had some tightness & swelling in my right foot. Niether problem has been all unbearably painful, but it's been consistent enough that I wanted to ask my doctor about it before I committed myself to the 2008 Indianapolis Mini Marathon. So I went to see him on Tuesday. What's cool about my doc is that he is a member of the same running group that I have joined this year so he understands why I want to participate again. The bad news is that he doesn't want me to run again AT ALL until March 1st. Yikes! That seems like a long time away. He did advise me to go ahead & sign up for the training group as a walker & then ease back into running slowly for the race in May. Until then I'm restricted to walking & yoga. Yoga = yuck! So boring...pose, hold, breathe...over & over & over again. I'm going to check into maybe taking a class so it will be a little less dull. Anybody out there a yoga enthusiast? Got any tips for me? I just don't want to get totally out of shape between now & then & I do want my feet to heal up. I've still got a long way to go with them!

Monday, December 3, 2007

White Flag

I haven't blogged for a seriously long time & Erin has tagged me to get me back online. I was resisting at first (rebellious attitudes are hard to shake) but I decided to hoist the white flag & answer some questions. Here goes...

What was I doing ten years ago?
I was a Junior at Northland Baptist Bible College. This was also the semester that my Uncle Gary lost his battle with cancer. Not one of my best years at school, but the Lord taught me SO MUCH about His goodness & mercy.

What was I doing five years ago?
I was just getting ready to start work at the nuclear pharmacy. I had been working part-time selling jewelry at Fred Meyer for just over 3 years & I had just finished a period of cleaning houses & business part-time.

What was I doing one year ago?
I was seriously considering buying a house & I was looking for a second job - a part-time deal at a retail pharmacy. I was also getting ready to head down to Greenville for Missy's wedding.

What was I doing yesterday?
I went to church in the morning; ate lunch with my parents; went on a Holiday Historical Homes tour with Mike; went to evening church (enjoyed a wonderful Communion Service); & then went to Mike's house to eat pizza & watch The Amazing Race.

Five snacks I love:
Pumpkin Seeds
Reese's Pieces
Animal Crackers
Granola Bars

Five places I would run away to:
My sister's house
My Grandma & Grandpa's
Work (I know that sounds crazy, but no one bothers me there)

Five TV shows I like:
The Amazing Race

Five things I hate doing:
Cleaning the Bathroom
Vehicle Maintenance
Anything where I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing
Listening to conference calls (I've got one coming up in about 23 minutes - yuck!)

Five biggest joys of the moment:
Spending time with family & friends
My jobs
Getting ready for Christmas
Extra vacation days

There you have it - the best I could come up with on the spur of the moment. Erin, I hope this pleases you :-)

I'm not going to tag anyone b/c I'm not sure that anyone even reads my blog anymore!