Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Let me start this post by warning you once again, that if you are not a GIRL you should NOT read this post. Your corneas will burn & you will experience incredible pain!
Ahem. Moving on...
I have been doing a little research as the wedding approaches. As a couple we have decided that we are not very interested in the pill. I have ordered a book called, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" that describes a natural method of b.c. I was wondering if any of my readers out there have any knowledge of this book, method, etc. Any advice you could offer or comments you could throw my way would be greatly appreciated.
btw, the book arrived today & I had no idea from the tiny little picture posted on Amazon that this book would be so ginormous! With only 72 days until the wedding I'm not sure how I will ever get it read, let alone decide if that's what we want to do. So hopefully you guys can help me out ;-)

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little Countdown Trivia...

As I'm about to wrap up the workday at my first job (today is a LONG two-job day), I thought I would post some Countdown Trivia for all of you:

8 months until Christmas Eve

78 days until our wedding!!!

8 days until the Indy Mini (I will now take a short moment to solicit your prayers that I do not fall ill anytime between now & then or post-race). Danke!

And only 6 1/2 hours until my weekend starts!

This weekend Mike & I have decided to try not to let our TO DO lists command all of our time. We have a short list of MUST DO's (that he unfortunately left with me & I keep adding to) & then we are going to try to relax. Ahhh...what a thought! He's just trying to keep me healthy. I did some Internet research (about 15 minutes of scanning articles) & discovered that there can be a link between intense exercise & suppressed immunity. Therefore, Mike & several of my family members are convinced that the long Saturday mileage is making me sick. Tomorrow we are only scheduled 7 miles & I intend to complete them & then take it easy. Maybe take a nap (or try to - I'm not much of a napper). We'll see how it goes.

What are your weekend plans? Anybody doing anything fun or out of the ordinary? ;-)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, whadaya know!

This year will be my 4th running of the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. When you send in your registration they ask you for an estimate of your finish time or a finish time from a similar race. They then analyze that data and assign each participant a starting 'corral'. They start with Corral A and go all the way to Corral V or W (can't remember for sure...). The first year I ran I just had a guess for my finish time. I was assigned to Corral U. Picture a crowd of about 35,000 participants & then picture me in almost the last spot. The way back of the back. I was literally behind thousands of people who just wanted to walk the course. Ugh - frustration. Beth ran with me that year & we joked that we ran an extra mile zigzagging through the walkers.

Then the second year I ran I think I was assigned Corral S. Autumn was with me that year & she didn't have a qualifying time so I went back with her assignment to Corral T. Moving up, but not much.

Last year, I ran alone. I had a qualifying time & if I'm remembering correctly I was in Corral Q. Once again, forward progress. And I had a very, very decent (for me) finishing time last year so I was excited to see what my corral assignment would be for this year's race. I got my assignment in the mail this week...

For the 2009 Indy Mini I have been assigned to Corral G!

Unfortunately this is also the year that my training has been plagued by a busy schedule & frequent illness so my finishing time will probably stink, but WHO CARES!!! I'm starting in G!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Foolproof Dieting Tip!

How To Loose 10 Pounds In One Weekend!
  1. Get up and put in 13 miles (walk, run, whatever your pleasure)
  2. Go to a birthday party barbecue packed with family & friends; while there, play numerous rounds of Duck, Duck, Goose & Freeze Tag.
  3. Eat a late supper consisting of a Subway Flat Bread Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich.
  4. Wake up at 4 a.m. with a vicious stomach virus.
  5. Spend the next 36 hours unable to leave your home, sipping water, diet sprite, & eating 2 whole pieces of toast.

Voila! On Monday morning (if you're like me) you will have lost 10 pounds!

*In case you're concerned, I'm back to work today feeling about 96% normal. Still a little fatigued & terribly embarrassed that I called in sick to both jobs AGAIN on a Monday. If my bosses didn't know me better, they would have me pegged as one of those girls who goes out & parties it up all weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to make a short little post to say one very important thing...

the wedding is only 100 days away!!!

I'm just a little excited.

Tons of stuff has been going on since my last post. I was sick (again!), work is on over drive at both jobs (hmmm...is that why I was sick???), & I'm trying a new vitamins + immunity boosting yogurt + backing off on my training in hopes that I don't get sick any more. Anybody out there have any additional good health tips for me?

Gotta jet...maybe I'll catch up soon! ;-)