Friday, January 25, 2008

Closet Fear #2

I work in a nuclear pharmacy. We get to wear lab coats & the whole deal. When I first started working here I thought the lab coats were so cool - I mean, who do you know that gets to wear a lab coat at work? The novelty wore off fairly quickly. Especially since every time I enter & leave the restricted area, I have to take the lab coat off & on. And this leads me to the confession of my fear. The lab coats have 5 snap closures. That makes them quick to get off - and there lies the root of my fear. I have several blouses that also have snap closures. I just know that one of these days when I'm wearing one of those shirts, I'm going to reach a little too far in my haste to get out of my lab coat & I'm going to have an embarrassing situation on my hands!
*Just in case you were wondering, I still haven't had my Closet Fear #1 happen. Thank goodness!


Anonymous said...

Well, I sure hope this closet fear never happens but as the saying goes, "Theres a first time for everything"

Adele said...

I have only a couple friends who can provoke a good chuckle out of me when I am reading their blog. You are definitely one of them.

I do hope that never happens to you though. :)

Karis said...

My closet fear along this line is that Kayla is going to unsnap or unbutton my shirt too quickly for me to avoid an embarrassing situation. I've caught her "practicing" or clothing skills on me, but I've stopped her in time so far.

Glad you haven't been traumatized by experiencing closet fears 1 or 2!

Alicia said...

Snaps are no good! I had a bad situation happen with a snapping skirt . . . thankfully I was only outside the girls dorm so no major embarrassment ensued. I suggest buying some good ole fashioned buttoned shirts. Maybe you should just become amish? :)

I must have missed closet fear #1 of yours . . . have to go back to your blog and catch up because now you've gotten my curiosity piqued. :)

ruth said...

LOL! I REALLY hope that doesn't happen to you! However, it is really cool that you get to wear a lab coat at work. :)

Erin said...

Oh, that was great!!! If it ever does happen, you have to let us know.