Saturday, March 22, 2008

Training Update

This morning we were scheduled to complete 11 miles. I was really feeling good yesterday when I commented that I was going to walk & run & mix it up a lot. Well, before I went to bed last night I noticed that my right foot & ankle were swollen. I've had this problem occasionally with seemingly no explanation since about this time last year. It doesn't really hurt but it feels uncomfortable. What really perplexes me about it is that I didn't even work out yesterday. We were scheduled to have a rest day so actually rested. The swelling coupled with a short night of sleep (totally my own fault) made up my mind for me this morning. I was struggling with a real attitude of frustration about the whole thing but what can you do? I decided just to walk & then I ran a couple of downhills - that was fun! Part of the reason that I joined this training program was the notion that maybe I could meet some new people, make some new friends, & have some witnessing opportunities. I've been a little let down because my schedule has prevented me from attending most of the group runs. Today was my 3rd Saturday run & when I got there everyone was clustered up in their little groups & I just kind of hung out on the fringe by myself. I brought my ipod but I made a point of not putting on my earphones until we started just in case I had any opportunity to chit chat with someone. I didn't have that opportunity so we took off & I turned on my music & hit it as hard as I could. I actually was in the front of the walking group & by the halfway point I had even passed a couple of the beginning runners. About 5 1/2 miles in my ipod battery died; it shouldn't have & I'm a little worried about it. Just as I was taking my earphones off a girl walked up beside me & said that she had been trying to catch up with me since we had started our miles. I had never met her before & she has a tremendously friendly attitude about her. She is a single Christian girl, just a few years older than me & she also works in the medical field. We had such a nice time talking & encouraging one another. I absolutely believe it was a divine appointment for both of us. If I had been running at all today she would not have caught up with me & I would have missed this opportunity. The Lord is really good to orchestrate all these things in our lives. I hope that I can learn to respond more readily with the attitude that the Lord is in control of all things & my responsibility is to react with trust, not frustration, when it seems that I am unable to accomplish my goals. Sometimes He has other, better things in mind for me than what I may have planned.
What prayers has the Lord answered for you lately? Has He surprised you with any unexpected blessings?


Erin said...

I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to talk with her. I hope your training continues to go well.

Jen said...

A divine appointment - how cool how God works through our seeming disappointment and makes them divine appointments!