Wednesday, April 2, 2008

House Update!

It's official, people! My closing date for the house is April 18th. That day is also my niece Madison's 5th birthday. I had a conversation with her the other day that went something like this:
"Madi, I'm getting my house on your birthday!"
"Can you still come to my party?" she asked with a worried frown.
"Of course! But I might not get to bring you a gift because I'm spending all my money to buy the house," I teased her.
"Well, then don't buy it Aunt MeeMee!"
Don't worry; I assured her that I was just teasing about not having a gift for her. A 5th birthday is a big deal, you know. The first of the big, round number days.
So, I'm getting really excited. I guess this means that I should pack some more. Actually go through all my clothes and get rid of things, too. I ordered new checks today with the new address (this was a major necessity since I ran out of checks in December!). I also have a house inspection to read, home owner's insurance to decide about, and paint to pick. I have these two throw pillows that have every color in them that I would like to use in my house. Think I can take them to Lowe's and get all my paint mixed? I think I might need MAJOR guidance in this department...
Whew! Hopefully in a month I'll be all settled! Wishful thinking maybe? *smiles*


Erin said...

You have to promise to take lots of pictures of the entire process (including you taking the pillows to Lowe's). I'm excited for you!

Adele said...

This is so exciting! I'm so happy for you.