Monday, October 20, 2008

Not So Much...

This has been the picture of me for the last 15 days (who's counting?). I've had a terrible sinus infection/upper respiratory yuck going on for so long that I kind of forget what it feels like to be the normal Mary Ann. I was hoping this morning when I woke up I would feel like a new woman...not so much. Still coughing. Still fatigued (I think that's the worst part). Still getting sinus headaches. Still blowing my nose way too much.
I've finished a full 10 day course of antibiotics & I've been popping M*cinex DM like a junkie. I'm just praying that I can get over the whole deal completely before I fly next week. My ears can't hardly handle a flight when I'm 100 % well so I'm fairly certain that 3 flights on my way to Vienna could be completely miserable if I'm stuffy headed.
What do you think - is Airborne effective? Should I try it? And does anyone have any flying tips they would like to pass along? I'm always happy to get travel advice so let me know what you know!


Erin said...

I actually read an article that said the inventor/maker of airborne had to reimburse people because it doesn't work. When I fly, I take ear planes with me. You get them in the pharmacy aisle. They kind of look like plastic screws. They have worked really well.

Adele said...

Any effectivenss Airborne has is b/c it is packed full of vitamins. It definitely wouldn't hurt, but you might be better of taking lots of vit. C and a little echinacea.

I second Erin's suggestion - ear plugs or something like it. I've even just plugged my ears on landings and it seems to help.