Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

I was driving a lot yesterday & I was chewing gum (Orbit White Bubblemint - the absolute best!)to stay awake & alert when I had this thought - if you're chewing whitening gum will it work better if you kind of lay it over your front teeth & leave it there for awhile? Kinda like soaking dishes makes them easier to scrub?
Yesterday was my parents 37th wedding anniversary. Holy cow! I never thought they'd make it this far ;-) Instead of going out last night to celebrate they decided to wait until tonight when my sister & her family & I can go with them. Awww! We do really like each other all a bit too much.
Another super random thought...hospitals have lots of those convex mirrors (or as I like to call them, bubble mirrors). They let you see around blind corners. When I first started making lots of deliveries those crazy things really confused me. I would look up there & think, "Wow, that girl in the blue shirt is walking really fast right by me!" and then I would realize that I was the girl in the blue shirt. Makes you feel a little stupid. And I have to admit they still kinda mess me up. The same goes for faucets that have the one lever to operate. What part of the lever is the pointer? The far end or the end closest to the base of the faucet? My mom says I overthink these things but that doesn't comfort me when I stand at the sink for several minutes waiting to see if I just need the hot water to heat up or if I have the stupid lever pointing the wrong way.
When I decided to buy this house I forgot to check the faucets. Oh no.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Good Deal!

This last week I decided that I wanted to get my g-ma a little flower because she has been so sick & in the hospital, etc. I pass a greenhouse on my way to work (I actually worked there a couple of summers during college) & they had pansies advertised for sale on their big sign so Wednesday afternoon I went to pick one up for her. I also thought that I should get one for my Aunt Margaret because she had suffered through a stoke the previous weekend. I went in & found a multitude of colors to choose from - just like this picture. So beautiful! I found a deep purple one & decided that I had to get it for my mom because purple is her most favorite color. That's three pansies that I needed to get. If you bought 4 you got a price break - fabulous! My sister was sick this week with a really bad cold & sore throat - she should have a pansy, too! I hauled my 4 pots up to the cashier & she told me that if you bought 4, you got one free. Yippee! So I went & picked out another one. Not sure yet what I will do with it; hopefully no one else will get sick. I also got an additional discount because my dad is a landscaper & he has an account with this greenhouse. Fun! I love shopping trips that work out like that!

Anyone else scored any fun deals lately?

Training Update

This morning we were scheduled to complete 11 miles. I was really feeling good yesterday when I commented that I was going to walk & run & mix it up a lot. Well, before I went to bed last night I noticed that my right foot & ankle were swollen. I've had this problem occasionally with seemingly no explanation since about this time last year. It doesn't really hurt but it feels uncomfortable. What really perplexes me about it is that I didn't even work out yesterday. We were scheduled to have a rest day so actually rested. The swelling coupled with a short night of sleep (totally my own fault) made up my mind for me this morning. I was struggling with a real attitude of frustration about the whole thing but what can you do? I decided just to walk & then I ran a couple of downhills - that was fun! Part of the reason that I joined this training program was the notion that maybe I could meet some new people, make some new friends, & have some witnessing opportunities. I've been a little let down because my schedule has prevented me from attending most of the group runs. Today was my 3rd Saturday run & when I got there everyone was clustered up in their little groups & I just kind of hung out on the fringe by myself. I brought my ipod but I made a point of not putting on my earphones until we started just in case I had any opportunity to chit chat with someone. I didn't have that opportunity so we took off & I turned on my music & hit it as hard as I could. I actually was in the front of the walking group & by the halfway point I had even passed a couple of the beginning runners. About 5 1/2 miles in my ipod battery died; it shouldn't have & I'm a little worried about it. Just as I was taking my earphones off a girl walked up beside me & said that she had been trying to catch up with me since we had started our miles. I had never met her before & she has a tremendously friendly attitude about her. She is a single Christian girl, just a few years older than me & she also works in the medical field. We had such a nice time talking & encouraging one another. I absolutely believe it was a divine appointment for both of us. If I had been running at all today she would not have caught up with me & I would have missed this opportunity. The Lord is really good to orchestrate all these things in our lives. I hope that I can learn to respond more readily with the attitude that the Lord is in control of all things & my responsibility is to react with trust, not frustration, when it seems that I am unable to accomplish my goals. Sometimes He has other, better things in mind for me than what I may have planned.
What prayers has the Lord answered for you lately? Has He surprised you with any unexpected blessings?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Valentine's Day Part II

Yes people, I did finally make good on my promise to Mike that I would fix him dinner for Valentine's Day. His requested menu was Fettuccine Alfredo. So on March 4th (I know, a little late for V-day!) he went to work out with a co-worker & I took over his kitchen. It was fun digging around trying to find all the things I needed. I couldn't find foil of all things so I cooked the garlic bread on parchment paper. Whatever you gotta do, right? Improvise! So I made the fettuccine with grilled chicken & Alfredo sauce - all the ingredients are butter, cream, & Parmesan cheese - it'll kill you but it's good! We also had Caesar salad & garlic bread. For dessert I made a somewhat ugly & lopsided angel food cake. It looked very sad but it was yum! Mike revisited his childhood by putting practically a whole piece in his mouth at once. I don't know why, but he totally cracks me up! With our cake we also had coffee & I served it Vienna coffeehouse style. When I was in Austria one of the things that I really loved was how they serve their coffee. It comes to you on a little tray. The coffee (no matter what kind of coffee - latte, espresso, melange, etc.) is served in a plain white cup & saucer. They also put your cream in a little pitcher & give you a glass of water. One of my favorite souvenirs from my trip is a set of coffee service (I just bought 2 because I really had no idea how much money I was spending!). So I got my coffee service out & used it for the first time that night for our much belated Valentine's Day dinner. I have some pics on my camera & I will post them hopefully later today.Here are the pics. Try not to notice my droopy eye ;-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Glory! It's Finally Spring!

Does anyone else find it ironic that I had to scrape my windshield this morning because it was all iced over? On the first day of Spring? Oh well, it's sunny & beautiful this afternoon. I love it!

I have so many things I need to update on. Today is the last day of a 12 day straight streak with no day off. That can wear a girl out, let me tell you! With work, training, trying to buy this house, & the medical emergencies we've had in the family it's been a long 12 days!

I'm going to start with my g-ma. Some of you know she went into the hospital last week because she had some stomach flu-like symptoms. This was her third episode of such sickness since the beginnning of the year & her doctor felt like it should be investigated further. We're so glad he did because he found a hernia of her small intestine. They were able to do surgery laprascopically to repair the hernia & get her all operational again. While in the hospital they decided she needed a pacemaker so that was done toward the end of the week. She came home Saturday & has been feeling very tired & achy. She had an appointment with the pacemaker doctor today & he was pleased with her progress. Long story short, we're so grateful the Lord allowed her to have the least complicated surgical procedure & that she has been able to be home. Her recovery seems to be slow, but she is making progress.

Now here's an update on my Mini Marathon training. I was restricted from running until March 1st. The last week of February I had a roaring case of the respitory flu. I haven't suffered with that since my senior year of college. Needless to say, it set me back quite a bit. I didn't really get to attempt running until last week. I love it, love it, love it & I have really missed that high. So it has been great to run but my lungs are still achy & a little wheezy. I've run 4 miles twice this week. My feet are sore but it's mostly just the heel spur; I'm not having the stiffness of plantar fascitis, thank God! I checked my little ticker this morning & about panicked when I realized that the race is just over a month away. I had grand illusions of running the entire Mini this year & really improving my time. This foot situation & the residual effects of the flu are probably going to steamroll that, but I'm still glad I get to participate. It's not like I could win the race anyway ;-) Tomorrow is an 11 mile day with the training group & I'm looking forward to being on the road instead of the treadmill. My plan is to really mix up the running & walking since it's such a long distance. I want to keep my feet where they are & not make anything worse.

Now for the house news! I signed a purchase agreement last week. I had an appointment with a mortgage guy last Friday. To spare you all the boring details, I was frustrated with him because he didn't return my calls & then during our appointment I heard all about his Hawaii vacations & heart conditions. He was really nice but difficult to keep on track. Their bank couldn't offer me all the things I was looking for in the loan anyway. So yesterday I got in touch with a lady at another bank & within a 30 minute phone call we had everything just about settled. I need to take her some documents this afternoon & sign some papers & the whole mortgage thing will be settled! My mom has the day off from work & she is planning on going with me. I'm glad because she's pretty saavy. I'll be more relaxed with her there (I feel like I'm signing my life away!). I also talked to an inspector type guy (who came highly recommended by a co-worker)this morning & got him scheduled for next week. The only other thing I need to do is get the home owner's insurance policy figured out. Whew! I never knew there could be so many details! The family that is selling the house has gotten their repairs completed so that is also out of the way. It looks as if the April 18th closing date just might happen. It's been very fun for me to see all these things come together. The Lord has truly been involved in making these things happen for me. It's exciting!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend. The Lord is truly so good & I praise Him for providing us with a Savior.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh my!

I really did it! I signed a Purchase Order Agreement for the house last night. Yikes! I went from being really excited to being really nervous & now I'm back to excited. The proposed closing date is April 18th (Madison's 5th Birthday!). The family has been keeping me very informed about the whole probate process. The heirs all received a letter today that informs them that the probate court has given permission to sell the house & that a buyer has been found. Each heir (there are 13 of them!) has to relinquish their right to the property & approve of the sale. On my end of the deal I have to secure financing & get the house inspected. I am meeting with a mortgage guy at a local bank tomorrow. I have already been preapproved with these guys but they haven't been very helpful or willing to communicate with me much up to this point. I'm not sure I'll use them but I do hope to get some useful information from them.
I'll keep you posted on what happens next! If anybody wants to help clean/paint/move my junk, let me know!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Three Year Anniversary

I just looked at the calendar & realized that I have had my Corolla Sport for three whole years! That's the longest I have ever owned a vehicle & the second longest commitment of my life up to this point. Cell phone contracts are only two years & apartment leases are only one year. I've been working at the nuclear pharmacy for a little over five years so I suppose that is truly the longest commitment of my life. It's funny, but I always seem to get the itch to move on & try something else - especially with vehicles, jobs, phones, & even living situations. But I've held on to my car for quite a while now (mostly b/c every time I start looking at something new/different there is someone right at my elbow telling me not to do it!). I'm trying to hold out for the beauty that is living without a car payment. What will that be like? Someday hopefully I'll know. Until then I'll have to resist that restless feeling that comes over me & makes me want to affect a big change. Does anyone else have that sensation? That things have been so routine & it's time to shake it up? It's the same impulse I get that makes it hard for me to sit still for too long (hence, I am not at all crafty; it requires too much quiet attention). The older I get, the more ADHD I get. Should make for some interesting golden years, huh? ;-)