Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Apologies!

Due to being a bit under the weather yesterday (as in, perhaps a stomach virus or perhaps too much antibiotic from my sinus ordeal building up) I was unable to go to work and therefore unable to check my blog for last minute giveaway entrants. Sooo...long story short, I will be drawing from a hat tonight & posting the winner tomorrow!
Forgive me?


Karis said...

Sigh... sorry to hear about the antibiotic complications. I completely empathize because I have the same thing going on right now. After a week of stomach related problems, the doctor decided I wasn't fighting it on my own and gave me an antibiotic to take. I just started them Monday, but they make me dizzy and leave a weird taste in my mouth... sigh... but I have to continue on for the 7 days because I can't keep on with the amoeba issues that the doctor thinks was causing my stomach issues right in the middle of morning sickness! Sorry -- just a little venting. Sorry you're stomach is unsettled!

I will resist teasing you about it being morning sickness because I remember being a newly-wed and getting those comments (but obviously my resistance wasn't complete!).

Erin said...

You are forgiven and I'm one that totally understands that. One more day to go and then it will be FRIDAY!!!