Thursday, December 6, 2007


For the last year or so I have had some struggles with my feet as a result of my running. I have a bone spur on my left heel & I've had some tightness & swelling in my right foot. Niether problem has been all unbearably painful, but it's been consistent enough that I wanted to ask my doctor about it before I committed myself to the 2008 Indianapolis Mini Marathon. So I went to see him on Tuesday. What's cool about my doc is that he is a member of the same running group that I have joined this year so he understands why I want to participate again. The bad news is that he doesn't want me to run again AT ALL until March 1st. Yikes! That seems like a long time away. He did advise me to go ahead & sign up for the training group as a walker & then ease back into running slowly for the race in May. Until then I'm restricted to walking & yoga. Yoga = yuck! So boring...pose, hold, breathe...over & over & over again. I'm going to check into maybe taking a class so it will be a little less dull. Anybody out there a yoga enthusiast? Got any tips for me? I just don't want to get totally out of shape between now & then & I do want my feet to heal up. I've still got a long way to go with them!


Adele said...

Could you do Pilates instead of yoga? Pilates is very effective and I think it would be something you could do that wouldn't put too much stress on your feet. You might want to ask your dr. a/b it and give it a try!

Alicia said...

I agree with Adele. I think pilates is much more of a workout than yoga is. Yoga seems to just focus on stretching whereas pilates seriously works your muscles and makes you sweat.

bummer about your foot!

Karis said...

I don't know anything about yoga. I had to smile that you're sad that you can't run until March. I'm perfectly able to run but having no desire to do so. I think I'm still crazy enough to think the baby weight will just disappear on its own in time.

Erin said...

I'm sorry you won't be able to run.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry about your foot. I was just thinking about you the other day and your running, wishing I was as dedicated as you. Well, now is the time to rest that foot, so you can get back to running in March. Let us know what you find out with the pilates or yoga.

Kari said...

Hi. I'm a friend of Erin's and I'm a runner, that is usually. You see, I also live in Brazil. Last year, I had a bad running accident (sounds funny, I know)...with a bus. Needless to say, the bus won.

That's when I took up swimming - again. I say, again, becuase "back in the day," I swam laps in college.

Swimming, of course, is a great workout because it works your cardio and tones your muscles - all without stress on your joints or bones.

A month or so after I started swimming regularly, a friend asked me to go running. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up, but I was amazed at my endurance. It might have just been my joy at running again, but I would argue that I had better endurance than before.

It's definitely time to stop: I've not only typed a book, but I'm starting to sound like a commercial.

Just a few comments more. Pilates are a great firmer (I do them, too), but neither it or Yoga will give you the cardio workout you need. (I have other hangups with Yoga...)

Hope you find a solution. I understand your fears about not running...and it's not just losing the fitness edge; it's all those endorphins one mass produces while working out... :)