Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am absolutely desperate for someone to tell me that chicken soup really does help you get over the old fashioned flu. I have been sick since Sunday morning (although I was feeling funky Saturday night) & I am so OVER IT! If I watch one more cooking show or cheesy commercial for freecreditreport.com I am going to lose my mind! In the midst of my normally hectic days I used to occasionally fantasize about having a sick day or two to stay at home in my pajamas & catch up on stuff. Well, I've had them. I've caught up on my read through the Bible in a year reading & I've napped & I've been a slob. But I still feel awful. I haven't had a fever at all today & I didn't really have one yesterday until late in the evening. That means I'm well, right? I just haven't figured out why my body hurts like I've been beaten with a baseball bat, my lungs ache like I have COPD, and the coughing is about to split my skull. I've been taking my Tylenol & antibiotics, forcing fluids & I even ate chicken soup. That's a big deal for me b/c I hate chicken soup. I haven't liked it since the last time I had the flu - my senior year at Northland. They fed me chicken soup every day for like all 7 days I was sick. Yuck. That was a rough week, let me tell you - trucking up to the sick room every day all the way from the trailers. Ugh...bad memories. I loved Northland, but that week I was about ready to drop out. Anyway, if you have any tips or home remedies LET ME KNOW! I would quite willingly eat a garlic clove right now if you told me it would help. I'm a desperate sickie.

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Erin said...

I'm so sorry you are sick too! It's rotten and unfair and just plain ridiculous! Does that make you feel better?