Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Valentine's Day

Since I know you were all wondering, I thought I would fill you on on how Mike & I celebrated Valentine's Day. I had to work both jobs that day so I didn't even see Mike. But on Wednesday night I stopped by his house after church & he gave me these beautiful roses. He likes to do things a little differently, hence the colors. "Red is boring b/c that's what every guy gets for his girl," he says. So I got lavender & pink roses & my they were beautiful! He also gave me a couple very funny, very sweet cards (that's one of them propped up on the vase in the picture). So, we both worked too hard on Valentine's Day & then we celebrated on Friday night. Mike picked me up (he's very old school about that & I love it!) & we went out to dinner at this wonderful Japanese restaurant. We had some sushi & some other good stuff & then we bummed around town running some errands (I know - so romantic!). Then we went back to his house for dessert - he had made this beautiful Oreo Cheesecake - say it with me people, YUM!
All in all, it was quite the satisfactory holiday. I know that some people consider it to be a Hallmark made occasion, but Valentine's Day was around long before Hallmark.
At least I think so (I haven't actually researched it). But I think it's fun to do something a little special. We didn't go nuts & spend tons of money; in fact, I haven't actually delivered my gift to Mike yet. I'm supposed to cook him dinner & our schedules & my ridiculous illness has put the kibosh on those plans. But I'm going to do it soon! Maybe even in my own kitchen!


Karis said...

I was definitely saying Yum with you about the Oreo Cheesecake.

Glad you had a special Valentine's Day -- it definitely doesn't matter what day you celebrate it!

Carrie said...

Mmm, Oreo cheesecake sounds fabulous!! I'm glad you had a fun and special celebration!

And sorry to hear you are so sick! I'll pray that you feel better quickly. Ah, your mention of the N-land sickroom brought back memories . . . not good ones! :) I spent a few days there our senior year, too, but at least I didn't have to hike up from the trailers. Still, it really never made sense to me why we had to go there for the day, but back to our own rooms at night, where we would share the germs with our roommates anyway. Oh well, at least now when I'm sick I can stay in my own bed. :)

Keep us posted on the house--I have no advice for you as I am clueless about real estate, but I'm sure God will give you wisdom about all the details. Take care and feel better soon!