Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guten Tag!

This summer has been a lot different for me. Generally I've taken lots of little trips or a few bigger trips & done lots of fun things. Not so much this year. The summer of '08 will be remembered as The Summer of the House. And we're still not done! But progress is being made...gotta remember that.
Anyway, I was feeling kind of restless the other week here at work so I started searching Kayak.com for tickets to Vienna. The prices were outrageous & the layovers were like 23 hours long. Definitely a no-go. The restless feeling hit me again last week. So I decided to hit Kayak again & maybe change up the dates a bit. Eureka! I found some flights for about half of what they were before (& about $400 less than I paid last year) & the flight plans had 2 layovers that were less than 2 hours each. I sent the info to Missy & waited to hear back from her.
I got to talk to Missy via her cool Vonage phone on Saturday & we decided the dates were good & the layovers should be workable. So I head out to Vienna on Tuesday, October 28th! I'm so excited! The Lord has provided me with another opportunity to visit Missy & Kai & He also provided a fabulous deal on the ticket. He really does want us to have abundant lives. I sometimes get caught up in thinking that He is glad to meet my needs but that's really all He's interested in. How wrong is that! The Lord continually blesses exceeding abundantly above all I ask or think.
I will be flying from Indy to Chicago on United, from Chicago to Dusseldorf on Lufthansa, & then from Dusseldorf to Vienna on Air Berlin. And then the way home is the same just in reverse ;-)
Gotta see if the library has any German tutorials on CD. Gotta know how to say, "where's my gate?" & "where do I get my boarding pass?"


Erin said...

I'm so glad you get to go again!!!!

Adele said...

Have you gotten a frequent flyer number w/ United? If you do that for this flight, then sign up for their credit card under a promotion you will have almost enough miles for another ticket to Europe. You'll at least have enough for a flight in the States. Lufthansa is one of United's partners and I'm assuming Air Berlin is as well. Word to the wise - keep all your boarding passes until you know you've been awarded the miles. We learned that lesson the hard way.

I'm glad you get to go again. Have a wonderful trip!

Karis said...

Kai Soltau? I just had to ask since he's the only Kai I know, and I think I know he went to that part of the world after he left CBTS in Virginia Beach. He taught at CBTS a couple of years we were there. I'm not sure if Dan had him or not because Dan has already taken Hebrew, but we knew him a little bit and his sister.

It might not even be the same Kai or it could be a small world moment.