Thursday, August 7, 2008

Off the Wagon/On the Wagon

I have to admit that I've never really understood the expression "She fell off the wagon" or "She's back on the wagon." I'm fairly certain that it has to do with keeping resolutions regarding behavior. Maybe I should google it? ;-)
Supposing that definition is correct, I have to admit that lately I have kind of fallen off the wagon regarding regular exercise. I was really working hard to get ready for the Indy Mini so when the race was over I was ready for a break or a change in routine. Plus I figured it would be beneficial to give my feet a bit of a rest. I had decided that this summer I would cut back on the running & spend more time biking & doing yoga or workouts that revolve around strength training. Well, I've been busy. And I would really just rather run I guess because it's been nearly impossible to make time for the other kinds of exercise. I have all kinds of excuses - my work schedule, my house renovation, Beth's know how excuses are, they go on & on. So, I've tried to reevaluate a bit and come up with a new plan.
  • ride my bike to work at least 2 days a week (this week that would be today & tomorrow)
  • ride my bike on Saturdays for all errand running unless I need to go somewhere that I could get killed on a bike
  • lift weights with Mike whenever he wants (he has a small personal gym thing - it's kinda fun!)
  • do at least two other workouts a week using my exercise ball & DVDs from my collection or the library
  • get some sleep! I think if I could work up to at least six hours a night I would feel a little bit more like exercising

So there's the plan. We'll see how it works. Mostly my schedule is out of control. If I could slow down a bit it would really help. Here's what I've been up to this week:

Monday - worked both jobs (7am-9pm) & then went to Lowe's with Mike to get some tools

Tuesday - worked both jobs & then lifted with Mike

Wednesday - worked 7am-3pm, haircut, prayer meeting, hung the crown molding in my bedroom

Thursday - work 7am-3pm, 2-3 precious hours at home to tidy up & clean/relax, dinner with DeAnn to celebrate our birthdays, mow grass at both houses with Mike

Friday - work 7am-3pm (while my family enjoys the day at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari!), grocery shop, work on the house

Saturday - get up super early so that I can exercise & go to the Farmer's Market, work 9-1, help Mike begin to pack, clean for Mom, have my birthday dinner & party

Maybe now you'll forgive me for STILL not posting pics of the house. I promise that one day I will do it!

How are all the rest of you doing with your summertime fitness goals? Any hints, encouragements, or tips? Everyone feel free to comment!

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