Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Let me start this post by warning you once again, that if you are not a GIRL you should NOT read this post. Your corneas will burn & you will experience incredible pain!
Ahem. Moving on...
I have been doing a little research as the wedding approaches. As a couple we have decided that we are not very interested in the pill. I have ordered a book called, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" that describes a natural method of b.c. I was wondering if any of my readers out there have any knowledge of this book, method, etc. Any advice you could offer or comments you could throw my way would be greatly appreciated.
btw, the book arrived today & I had no idea from the tiny little picture posted on Amazon that this book would be so ginormous! With only 72 days until the wedding I'm not sure how I will ever get it read, let alone decide if that's what we want to do. So hopefully you guys can help me out ;-)


Carrie said...

It's a really helpful book!! Although I haven't used it yet for b.c., I found it fascinating to understand MUCH more clearly how my body works. It is AMAZING!! I bought my copy after I had Julia, and did play around with the charting, but since I was still nursing her, I didn't want to rely on it completely. And since having Josiah, I haven't gotten my cycles back yet (is that TMI--sorry if so!:)), and I haven't attempted the charting thing yet since he is also still nursing anyway. I do plan to use it for b.c. after I'm done nursing him, though.

And yes, it is a BIG book, but I found it pretty easy to read--the writing style makes the info. quite interesting. I would also recommend that you start charting your cycles as soon as you can, so you kind of get in the groove ahead of time.

I'm not sure if Jenny Muth reads your blog, but I believe she has used this method and might have posted about it sometime in the past . . . I'm sure she'd be a better person to give you input than me. :)

Also, I think you'll be glad you didn't use the pill . . . I was on it for the first 2 1/2 years of marriage and it really messed up my cycles and was a big pain. My dr. kept giving me different ones to try and I had problems with all of them! Plus there are just too many other "iffy" things about it for my liking.

Anyway, sorry--didn't mean to write a book here. :) And wow--how exciting to only have a little over 2 months left till your wedding!! Yay!!!

Alicia said...

We are pill people so I have no advice for you. :) I've never had any issues with bc pills and it's nice to keep my periods regular and expected. Heard good things about that book though - keep me posted on what you learn!

Karis said...

You so crack me up with your cornea burning warning!

Sorry that I can't give you any help. The natural route isn't an option for us right now because of PCOS and the irregularity that brings into my life.

Good luck with your research. This is definitely a topic where each couple has to do what they're comfortable with. I remember one time of life where I was so overwhelmed with what one group of people were saying and how that fit with my medical issue and how thankful I was after we came to peace with what was best for our family. :-)

Anonymous said...

The natural method is great... if you're ready to have a baby. ;)

Arlene said...

The natural method IS great -- and if you're well informed, there are plenty of statistics to prove how safe and effective it is, so try to tune out the naysayers (who are usually just uneducated on the topic).

As a side note, if you are pro-life and believe life begins at conception, you will be glad you're avoiding the pill, patch, shot, ring, IUD, etc (basically any kind of chemical "contraceptive") as they are known to prevent implantation of an already fertilized egg (i.e., a baby). That is the main reason my husband and I don't use the hormonal contraceptives -- anything that prevents implantation is an abortifacient, and, as we are 100% pro-life, we just could not in good conscience use them.

I have not finished Toni's book (we were moving, and it's still packed away, lol), but what I did read was very good and obviously well-researched.

On the plus side, you won't be filling your body with extra hormones (which seem to cause more problems than not anyway). You will be glad you understand how God made you and how your body works; and then, when you guys decide you want to have children, it will be a lot easier on both of you! That was our experience anyway. :o)

If you're wanting something to give you a quick overview (while still being informative and reliable), we really liked Love and Fertility -- it is very short and extremely easy to read and understand and worked great for us!

Arlene said...

Oh, I was going to also say, I have very long, and sometimes irregular cycles, so the Love and Fertility was really helpful for me in figuring things out -- we're not all on a 28 day cycle, and I thought I was just weird/abnormal for a long time! :o)

ruth said...

Mary Ann, I've read the book, and I thnk it's really great and very informative. I came away frustrated with myself and with the medical professionals I had had contact with because of my previous ignorance about a lot of things. I haven't been able to use the method myself, because of some severe irregularities with my cycle, but even still, I found it tremendously helpful and informative. Good luck!