Saturday, May 1, 2010

Caydance The Gymnast

After we spent one Saturday celebrating a niece's birthday, we spent another Saturday celebrating another niece's gymnastic accomplishments. Caydance is almost seven years old & has been participating in gymnastics since she was about 18 months old. She is one strong, flexible kid & I loved watching her strut her stuff!
On a side note, I also loved the gym where her meet was held. The entire floor was that springy stuff so I'm sure I looked like a drunken sailor walking around, but it was FUN!
Here she is swinging around a bar. If I remember right, she swung several times to get momentum then pulled herself up, put her legs straight out on the bar kind of like the splits & then swung down & off.

And here she is on the balance beam. She actually raised her arms & then stood up from this position. I couldn't stand up from the flat floor in that position, let alone on a balance beam! Actually, I probably couldn't even walk across the balance beam. Yeah, I didn't learn to ride my two wheel bike until I was like ten - serious balance deficiency, serious. Watching me attempt yoga is one belly laugh after another.

Little brother came along for the show. Canton has got the sweetest face - he is super big time flirt man! And with those blue eyes, he should be! He has recently discovered his belly button & had to show it to us as many times as possible.

And here is Caydance getting her awards! She got all blue ribbons & a bulls eye. Evidently a bulls eye is a bigger deal than a blue ribbon. She was ecstatic. We were ecstatic. It's amazing how invested you can get in these little people's feelings.

And what is the best way to celebrate a bull's eye in gymnastics? Dinner with the family at the local BBQ joint! Here is Mike with his 1/2 lb. mushroom burger. I had a bite. It was goooood. And the dude next to Mike is his 14 year old cousin, Vincent. He had a 1 lb. burger! Can you believe that thing? I couldn't really watch him eating it. He didn't actually get it all down (his arteries breathed a sigh of relief). Man vs. Food - Food scores one!

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