Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maddie Turns Seven!

Maddie's parents put together a wonderful party for Maddie's 7th birthday at a local park. The family & friends were invited. The dude in the pic above was NOT invited. He stayed over in the corner, hanging out on this tree so we tolerated him. Mike looked him up on the internet to discover that he is a baby rat snake. I'll bet your 7 year old didn't have a baby rat snake at their birthday party!
Sorry. Even after all this time I'm still trying to be the coolest. By now I should be too mature for that. Should be...
Anyway - here's a pic of Cocoa. She is Beth & Brennan's pound puppy. I love her. She is very energetic & she can get a mean lick on you if you get too close *grin*

Beth plans these parties the right way. She figures out little crafts & things for the kids to do. Here the girls are assembling their own little butterfly gardens. They turned out really cute. And the girls had a blast making them. Everyone was happy.
*Notice the adult legs in the background of this pic? It must have been funny to drive by & see all these grown ups just standing around a table watching the kids. Seriously, we were enthralled. Maybe we need to get a life? heehee...
And if your own little butterfly garden wasn't enough to bring a smile to your face, a ray of sunshine into your life, there was THIS: the double decker chocolate chip cookie cake. Oh my heavenly days, was it ever GOOD! I was sitting way too close to it for a while & had to put the cover back on before I succumbed to temptation & ate the whole thing! And my mom made dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. They were like super wow, too.
Can you tell I have an obsession with cake/icing/dessert???
Feel free to begin planning the intervention.
And there is our adorable birthday girl. Maddie has always squinched up her nose in the cutest way. She would even make that face when she was a tiny baby. She is definitely a keeper. I love her giggle, I love her spunk, & I just love her.
Mike & I have just had our socks blessed off by the nieces & nephews the Lord has given us. It's good stuff to be in our family!

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