Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Steps

Tomorrow is February 1st. I have yet to establish any resolutions or goals or word of the year. And it doesn't really bother me too much because I know that every day of this year & every day of every year after this year I will have things that I need to accomplish, character qualities I need to work towards developing, & yada, yada, yada. This year I don't really feel the need for a list.
And even without a list I have accomplished a few small baby steps toward my undefined goals.

I have completed another week of Indy Mini Training.

I took all my vitamins last week!

This is a huge accomplishment for me.

One thing I have really wanted to do & I coincidentally started on New Year's Day (thank you Aunt Ruth & Uncle Allan for loaning me the book!) is read the entirety of "The Chronicles of Narnia". I am currently reading "The Horse & His Boy" - so far, really, really, really good!

I have picked out a Bible reading plan for the year. It's a chronological plan. I know that I should have started January 1st but let's just be real - I would have fallen behind at some point anyway. So I'll start February 1st & God only knows when I'll finish!

How about you? Any goals? Any progress?


Alicia said...

I'm of the same mindset as you regarding new year's resolves. SO EXCITED THAT YOU'RE READING NARNIA!!! You will LOVE it!

I'm doing ok. Gotta get back on the low-sugar bandwagon. I have been doing fairly well at reading more for fun. Got one book done for January and just received a free one in the mail today that I'm looking forward to starting.

Joyce said...

Received the One Year Bible, ESV version for Christmas. So much easier to say on track!

Mary Ann said...

Alicia, I wish you well on the low-sugar bandwagon. I need to get on as well. Narnia is so, so good. I think it would be so fun to read to kids!
Joyce, that sounds like a nice gift. It would make it so much easier to keep your place! Glad to see you here :-)

Adele said...

I started reading my Bible through in October and am hoping to finish it by late spring/early summer.

I would like to do more reading - book reading, that is!

I have got to amp up the Slovak study too. I don't have much to show for studying it for nearly three years. It' hard to prioritize when there's so many other things needed attention.

I'm not big on writing a list or anything, either. We do have to write goals for ABWE though, so it does make me think of some things!