Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Things I Know For Sure

I don't know a lot about many things, but some things I have to say I know for sure. There isn't anything that is going to change these things.

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get through & make things work.

I'm sure you are wondering why in the world we would need two laundry sinks. It's not a happy story but I'll fill you in. Our washing machine spins out & drains into the sewer. The sewer drains slowly so the water backs up into the laundry sink. We seem to have developed the unfortunate problem of draining so slowly that the laundry sink would overflow. Instead of calling the sewer guys to come work on our sewer while it is freezing outside with snow on the ground Mike hooked up another sink. So far it works like a charm. It just looks stupid. But our clothes are clean & that's the important thing. Right?

When a plant of the evergreen variety dies, it doesn't necessarily turn brown.
This little plant was given to us for Christmas last year. I promise you I watered it. I really did. I thought it was some kind of dwarf variety or something because it never got any bigger. Recently my sister was over & she said, "Mare, just because it doesn't turn brown doesn't mean it isn't dead. It's an evergreen. It's dead."
Shortly thereafter the little branches started falling off. She's right. It's dead. Grrr.
However, note the pumpkin, bought before Halloween - still good! Not soft or gross anywhere on it's perfect orange body. I may not be able to grow a plant but I can sure preserve a pumpkin!

Big scarves & jewelry are not good friends.
This week I managed to catch an earring on my scarf & rip a hole in it. I also managed to catch my scarf on my necklace & break my chain. I almost lost the beautiful garnet cross I bought in Vienna. I guess I just would have had to go back & buy another one!

When you have a bad feeling about an outfit you just shouldn't wear it.
I'm weird because I like to have all of my clothes for the week picked out & ironed before Monday. Then I can be super rigid about making myself wear something because that is what I had planned. Not a good way to be. Today I got dressed & decided that I just didn't like what I was wearing. The boots with the jeans - not so great. The sweater with the jeans - not so great. I wanted to wear something else but I squelched the urge. End result - I felt like a nerd all day. And my feet hurt. And I was cold. Never squelch the urge to change your outfit!

Ground effects on a car may look really cool but they are really not cool in deep snow.
My car is the kinda sport version of the soccer mom Corolla. I like the ground effects because they really do look cool. But in the winter it's a different story. Our street never gets plowed. Sometimes I feel like I use the front bumper as a snow plow. And then the snow-slushy-salty junk builds up under the wheel wells really bad & when I turn a corner it sounds like the front end is gonna come off. I actually have torn some clips up underneath that hold the ground effects on. That's a $40 repair - no thank you!

M&M's of any variety are never safe to have in your house.
I don't even consider myself much of an M&M lover, but man! They have been my kryptonite this week! They call to me in their sweet peanut & peanut butter voices -

The first week of training for the Indy Mini has left me feeling like an achy, flabby lump.
But I know it will get better. It has to get better. Promise me it will get better, please?

My husband is a sweetheart.
He sent me a text message this morning asking if I wanted to go to an early movie & late dinner tonight. I love dates with my man! There is no better way to start the weekend.

Smacking windshield wipers against the windshield is not a good idea.
It might get the ice off the blade but it can also get the blade off of the wiper. Then they really don't work.

You don't have to live in Wisconsin for it to get cold enough to freeze your nostrils.
You'll just have to trust me on this one. But it has happened. Just this morning actually.

Have a great weekend everybody!


the johnson crew said...

you are SO FUNNY! I just love reading your blog! I enjoyed reading about each of your little topics. - Thanks!

Alicia said...

Ha! I totally agree about the outfit thing. I usually try on at least 5 outfits on Sunday morning before I find the right one. I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU IRON ALL YOUR CLOTHES FOR THE WEEK! Wanna come iron my wardrobe?

What movie did you go see? I have a girls movie night coming up and need some ideas!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I'm not sure pumpkins are suppose to live that long... I'm a little concerned! And I'm equally as shocked as Alicia about the ironing - I never iron, as I'm far too lazy!

Mary Ann said...

Janelle, thanks for thinking I'm funny; I'm super glad anytime I can give someone a laugh or cause them to smile. Thanks for reading!
Alicia, Sunday morning outfits are the worst! My dress code for work is casual so it seems as if I've completely forgotten how to dress up! And I would love to iron for you but you are so.far.away. I'm totally nuts to have things planned out like that but I am incapable of rational decision making early in the morning. If I don't have a plan I just stand in front of my closet & stare. We went to see 'Tangled' & I highly, highly recommend it! So fun! My husband even liked it :-)
Megan, you sound like my sister with the ironing. She just utterly refuses. I wish I had that same carefree attitude!

Mrs.T said...

Too funny! And so true! And I must admit, even at my advanced age I will often change my church outfit if there's time (and there usually isn't because we're always in a rush). And I don't think the two laundry sinks look funny at all.