Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Randomness...

 Get ready because this post is going to cover some major bases...I'm feeling kind of scattered today (not in a bad way, just in a bit of an ADHD kind of way) so I've got some random stuff to share.
First off, once upon a time I phone-dated a guy affectionately referred to as Oklahoma Steve (because he was from Oklahoma & his name was Steve).  Anyway, he was a nice guy for the most part but he seriously overused the word 'random'.  After we had our final hangup (those stinky eharmony experiences!) I banned 'random' from my vocabulary because I was so tired of it.  I should have sent him a thesaurus as a parting gift...
Anyway, I'm all healed up from that bad experience & I now use the word 'random' freely!  Just not nearly as freely as OK Steve.

In Fashion News, I recently visited 0ld Navy & acquired this fabulous infinity scarf!  I *heart* it.  It keeps me warm & entertained trying to figure out how many ways I can twist it around me without strangling myself.  I wore it with several long sleeved T's (had to layer for warmth!).  It was a pain trying to get them all on & the sleeves all down smooth.  I've decided that maybe I just need to get a coordinating sweater rather than go through that rigmarole again (picture lots of tugging, twisting, spinning, & muttering).

In Yes-I'm-Strange-But-You-Are-Too News, whenever I chew whitening gum, I seem to end up with it smooshed across my front teeth like this.  I guess subconsciously I'm worried that my coffee habit is ruining my front teeth.  And don't you think it would just work better if it had direct contact for at least a couple of minutes?  You know you do it, too!

In Cooking News, last week I tried out one of my Christmas gifts from Mom & Dad.  It's a cast iron grill pan.  I had marinated some chicken breasts & I was ready to indoor grill!

About halfway into the process I realized that perhaps I should have done some trimming & pounding of the chicken breasts before I marinated them.  They were getting all nice & grill-marked on the outside but they were not cooked through.  I got my skillet out & smooshed them a bit to see if it would help.

Eventually they got done & I was so glad to quit indoor grilling because by this point all of the drippings had blackened on the bottom of the skillet & it was feeling kind of smokey in our house.  I went to a ladies' meeting at church that evening & my sister said that she thought the church smelled like food - had someone eaten dinner there?  That's when we realized it was the smell of that crazy chicken in my hair & on my clothes.  I burned four candles for two days straight to get that smell outta the house.  Here's hoping I do a little better next time!

In iPhone App News, Mike has this fun app that takes panoramic photos.  Here's our living room & dining room.  Cool, huh?

In Flower News, my grandpa can make anything grow & bloom.  It's official.  Look at this lovely Gerber Daisy blooming totally out of season.  It's adds quite a bit of cheer to their front room window.

In Yippie-Ki-Yi-Yay News, I'm staring down the barrel of a three day weekend!  Not that we have any plans to party, but I took Monday off from work as a Super Bowl Recovery Day.  I may not even watch the game.  This is just a tradition we started last year to give us a little break since New Year's & the next official paid holiday of Memorial Day are five months apart.  It's our Winter Mental Health Break.  Judging by the randomness of this post & my acknowledged ADHD scatterbrainedness, I think a day off is just what I need!  Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

You make me smile!:) I have a flat top and did not know you could use that kind of pan! I want to try that out.-Becky

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Becky's comment on, "You make me smile!"