Thursday, February 2, 2012

Second Monday Strikes Again...

Happy Thursday!  I don't know about your neck of the woods, but around here & I think pretty far & wide across the Midwest there is nothing going on but lots & lots of FOG.

I had to do about 3 1/2 hours of driving with this as my view this morning.  Have you ever had that I'm-such-a-dork-when-will-I-ever-learn kind of feeling?  It hit me hard this morning.  I drove to work in the fog thinking about how tired I was & how today really felt like a second Monday & really kind of hoping that I wouldn't have to do any driving today because of issues I knew I would have staying awake.  I pulled into the parking lot & quickly realized that  a coworker's vehicle wasn't there.  A driver calling in sick usually means miles for this chica.  This tired chica who was suddenly overwhelmed with the aforementioned feeling of when-will-I-ever-learn?  You see, last night when I got home from church I should have started heading to bed right away.  I should have gotten myself all cozied up, ready for sleep, & tucked in tight.  Instead, I turned on the TV.  And promptly got sucked into a movie that was just starting (at 10 o'clock!) & I kept watching it until after 11:30.  Then I crawled my miserable self to bed & couldn't sleep because I was so mad at the storyline in the movie that I don't even know the name of because I missed the very beginning.  What a waste of my life & sleeping time! For those of you who would love to sleep & for some reason (insomnia, small children, etc.) cannot, I apologize from the bottom of my heart & ask for your forgiveness.  You're probably mad at me for squandering my uninterrupted sleep time when that is just about the only thing in the world that you want.  I would like to say that it will never happen again, but...

Anyway, I did a lot of driving this morning wrapped up in a gauzy white cottony blanket of fog.  And it would have been utterly miserable if I hadn't had a cell phone.  I don't normally talk & drive because sometimes I just need the quiet for my mind or I just enjoy listening to music.  But today I was able to call a friend that's really been heavy on my heart recently.  We had a major chat fest, catching up & encouraging one another.  I was so blessed because now I feel like my prayers for her can be so much more specific & it was just good for my heart to hear her voice.

So I'm thankful for the fog today.  I'm also thankful that today's weather event is nothing like the weather event we had going on this day last year - we were buried under an inch or so of ice.  I called in to work & we were huddled in at home hoping we didn't lose power.  I'll take fog over that mess any day!

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