Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Tale of Timbers & Tomatoes

You know I promised you a happy post, right?  Well, here it is!

Mike & I have had this little list of projects to do around our house to make it a little bit more sell-able.  One of the projects was to create an off of the roadside parking area.  We traded our trusty Corolla for a new Hyundai Elantra in April so we were a little more motivated to get this project done.  After some time out in the yard tossing ideas around we finally came up with a plan & this Saturday afternoon (kind of on a whim) we decided to get started.  We bought landscaping timbers & stacked them two deep to create a landscaping bed & the parking area.  Here are some pics to take you on a little tour around our 'parking lot'.

The method we used to install the timbers is fairly simple.  We laid them out & Mike had this little system to check & make sure that the corners were crossed instead of stacked & that no seams on the bottom lined up with seams on the top.  Then we drilled 3 1/2" deck screws through the timbers in key spots to hold them together.  Then we drilled holes at both ends of each timber for 1/2" rebar.

Rebar is available in 36" pieces so we bought a bunch of those & Mike used his grinder to cut them in half.  It looks like fireworks, doesn't it?  I don't know how he didn't catch on fire; perhaps it was my nonstop praying for protection?!
After the rebar was cut, the fun began!  We used sledge hammers to drive the rebar into the ground.  We finished this part on Monday night.  Mike went out there at about 8:45 & I thought he was just going to drill the rebar holes.  He got motivated & decided to cut the rebar, too.  Once it was cut, why not drive it in?  So there we were, pounding rebar after 9:00 (I was still in my nice work clothes!).  Thank the Lord for speed & Daylight Savings Time for the long twilight & we go it done!

We have the little sledge & then the 10 pound Granddaddy.  I used the little guy mostly but I did use the Granddaddy a little bit, too.  Yeow, I need to lift some weights!

It's such a blessing to have this hard part of the project done.  Now we just need to remove some of the grass & dirt to level things out a bit.  After that's done, we will have some white rock delivered to spread out over the parking area.  As far as the landscaping bed goes, we need to have some meetings with my dad on that one, since he's a landscaper & all.

What's your opinion?  Does a parking area like this help to make up for no garage?  Or does off the street parking not mean much & you'd rather have more yard?

And then let me tell you about this.  Last year I had this crazy number of volunteer tomato plants.  A couple of weeks ago I was walking around our yard with Dad & he pointed out to me that there were several tomato starts coming up right where the biggest plant had grown last year.  I danced for joy.  Right there in the yard.  I'm not ashamed.  My niece Maddie, came over last week to help me around the house because she wants a 'job'.  I was more than happy to let her come because it was so fun to hang out.  While she was there we transplanted all of the tomato starts to a narrow bed that runs along the east side of our house. We have blossoms.  We even have one tomato coming on already.  Maddie danced for joy with me.  God is so good to me.  He knows how I love my tomatoes & He makes sure I can get them!

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