Thursday, July 26, 2012


The days have been a little crazy lately & I've been hiding out, living life & thinking on some things that will come in later posts...but for now, here's some snaps to show you a bit of what's been going on!

Mike & I celebrated three years of marriage.
God is so good.
There is no other man on earth for me.

Drives for my job have taken me past this building several times.
I wish I worked in a building that had flowers cascading over it.
Such beauty.

Other drives for work had me commuting to the Big City for a week.
I'm glad, glad, glad that it's over.
Interstate highways & construction just don't mix well.
We've been eating good stuff like this southern Indiana grown melon from The Big Peach.
Thanks, Dad!

And this is the grand sum total of our harvest (so far!) of our
14 tomato plants.  Yep, 14 plants & 2 tomatoes.
Summer isn't over yet!
I've driven to work under skies this brilliant...

& ended the day on our front porch gazing at skies this full of fire.
We've been getting some projects done...

like this cedar 'house' for our lawn mower & some tools.
I'm crazy happy that we no longer have a lawn mower on our front porch!

I'm also crazy happy about this pull out shelf system we installed in
my one big kitchen cabinet.  I had been saving my Discover card cash-back
rewards to purchase a Lowe's gift card.  After the giftcard this shelving
system only cost us $17!  $100 was covered by Discover.
We've had a couple of rainy moments...but no rainy days.
The drought of 2012 drags on, trying, building, & stretching
the faith of so many of us.
They predicted rain for today.  We got about three minutes of
downpour this morning but nothing else so far.
Will it or won't it?
Only God knows.
And I've had short hair for more than six weeks already!
I went in last week for my first trim.
I still love it.
And I'm still shocked when the gas station clerk or the clothing store
clerk stop me & ask, didn't you used to have longer hair?
How do they remember me?
Kinda scary...sorta sweet...another reminder to be a bright light for Christ.

And that's the news from our corner of the world! 


Anonymous said...

I work just around the corner from that building with all the flowers on it! AND, the owner of that business is my boss' brother! Very nice people!

Rebecca Mockbee

Alicia said...


Mrs.T said...

Nice post! So nice to catch up with so much of what's happening in your world. I intended to comment on your "Going for the Gold" post but never got around to it. Thanks for all the pics. Love that cedar house (or is it more of a little garage?) for your lawn mower. Did you guys actually build that? It's beautiful! And your short hair is just gorgeous!

Mary Ann said...

Rebecca, knowing things like that really makes me wish I could stop and visit when I'm out on delivery runs! You'll be at ladies' retreat this fall, won't you?

Mary Ann said...

Alicia, you are too sweet :-) I think I was long overdue for an overhaul, lol!

Mary Ann said...

Thank you, Mrs. T! We actually bought a kit at Menards. I wasn't too sure about it but Mike thought it would be just right for our mower and gas cans. It doesn't really have a lot of room for much else but it is really helpful since we don't have a garage. BTW, I totally didn't win the brownie contest :-) and thanks for liking my new 'do! It's been a fun change.

Zoe said...

Happy anniversary! May you have many many more of them!

I had a little giggle at your tomatoes, our tomato harvest is similar...