Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Medical Terms

I have now completed more than a week of my half-marathon training. So far it's been cake, one or two miles at a time. Pretty easy stuff, except that the weather has been a bit chilly. For our two miler on Saturday morning it was only 21 degrees. I used to have a rule that I would only go out for a run if it was above freezing. So much for that one! Anyway, these cold runs have prompted the creation of two new medical terms:
C.R.L. = Cold Run Lung. This is the phenomenon that occurs when you run in the cold and have a wheezy cough for the rest of the day. I am especially prone to this one.
F.S.S. = Frozen Snot Syndrome. This one was originally F.S.A. (Frozen Snot Asphyxiation). However, we (Autumn & I) determined that humans do not actually die from the cold air freezing their snot, so the 'asphyxiation' term was replaced by 'syndrome'.
All in all, the cold is a little uncomfortable to run in but it is so worth it. I can't wait for the race!

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Adele said...

That is why I don't jog in the cold, or ever, for that matter. It's obviously detrimental to one's health!