Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Perfect Day

I'll have to make this apology just once - since I have no kids to talk about, I'll probably talk about my job too much. Oh well...at least I like my job!
Today I had pretty much The Perfect Day. I got there right on time (which is a feat in and of itself) and there were some doses for me to draw. Almost everything that we send out is injectible so we call it "drawing doses". I got that out of the way with just a minor mess. A minor mess is when I just have a couple of spots of contamination in my work area. Contamination is stray radioactivity. Basically it means that I blopped some droplets around (droplets so small that I didn't even see them fly). That took just a couple of minutes to clean up and then I headed into the office. The first thing I usually do is take a little coffee break and check out some of my friends' blogs. I got that done and since today was a billing day, I spent a couple of hours checking prices, checking return credits, printing the bills, and then getting them mailed, filed, etc. After that I took a delivery to an account that is about 65 miles away and when I got back to the pharmacy it was time to go home.
I love days like that! I'm busy all day and I get to do a little something in just about every area of our practice. I also love the driving part. Today was a little cold, but the sun was out (thank you, Lord!) so I got to wear my sunglasses and even crack the window a bit. I love that solar energy that heats the car even when it's below freezing outside.
This evening has been great, too. I met my sister, my niece, and my g-ma at church right after work because it's our week to clean. So we visited while we scrubbed, mopped, and vacuumed. I always enjoy the time I get to spend with them. Then I headed off for my run, had some dinner and I have the whole rest of the evening to blog, catch up on phone calls, or even just be totally lazy. This is the one evening all week that I get to laze now that I have the two jobs. Let's just say that I look forward to Tuesdays! I just might even go to bed early...
*Those of you who know me well know that the going to bed early thing is so not something that I ever do! :-)

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