Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm Almost All Packed!

I was considering titling this blog "Things That Make Me Go GRRRR!" You know, things like empty coffee pots, getting phone calls when you're in the bathroom, my car getting whacked in the parking lot at work & me having to pay to get it fixed, etc.
Then I decided that was a little too negative. My second choice for a title was, "Sidelined." That's what happened to me this week. I had a 13 mile run last Saturday. It went so well. I went to run with the group all by myself & I felt a lot of pressure to stay with the group (I'll admit, partly b/c of my pride but also partly b/c we were running on old country roads & I didn't really know the way). So I ran pretty fast & honestly I felt pretty good. I finished the thing in 2 hours and 13 minutes (or so). I was feeling like I was turning a corner with my running - moving faster, hurting less, all that good stuff. On Sunday I was a little sore but nothing too extreme. Monday I had to work both jobs (a 14 + hour day) & by the end of the day my right leg was swollen from mid-calf to the top of my foot. It wasn't really sore but it was definitely puffy. So on Tuesday I called my doctor & he insisted on a test to be sure I didn't have a blood clot. I was thinking, "For reals - a blood clot?!" So I went in yesterday for a Doppler test. When she had the paddle on my leg I could actually hear the blood moving through my artery - weird! The good news is that I don't have a blood clot (no surprise to me); the bad news is that my leg is still swelling. I totally annoyed my doctor's nurse by bugging her about when I could run again (I asked her like 4 times during the course of all our phone calls). Let's just say that for now I'm sidelined. GRRRR.
And that brings me to my final choice of titles, "I'm Almost All Packed!" It's a much happier kind of title, don't you think? I decided that I am so not allowed to complain about anything since I am headed for a fabulous vacation in Hawaii. But the getting there! I am actually the world's worst packer (sometimes I just get appalled at all the stuff it takes to make me look like a girl!). I also had to work both jobs today so I didn't get started dealing with the piles of clothes and sandals until almost 10 p.m. Then I was packing, painting my toe nails, & juggling phone calls all at the same time. I like to think I can multi-task fairly well, but this evening's activities were stretching my ability. Hence the 1 a.m. blog post. But, thankfully the suitcase is almost zipped & the carry on is almost stuffed (full of goodies like almonds, raisins, & granola bars so that I don't have to eat airline/fast food). Our flight leaves in 9 short hours & I'm more than ready to get outta Dodge.
I'll miss checking in on you all. It's gotten to be a rather comfy coffee break routine. You'll have to forgive me for trading those coffee breaks in for things like snorkeling, 4 wheel driving on Kauai, & hiking Diamond Head. Have a great week & I'll post some pics when I get back...hopefully I'll be all tan, relaxed, & sun-streaked!


Alicia said...

Sounds like this hawaii getaway came at just the right time! Hope the swelling goes down and that you have a wonderfully relaxing vacation!

Erin said...

Can't wait to hear about it! Don't get your bag stolen this time!! Love ya!