Friday, April 13, 2007

We are SUCH nerds!

Let me start by saying, I love my job! Ed, my buddy here at work, & I have a little tradition. Things are a little slow this morning so I took a few minutes to tidy up...sweep the floor, gather the trash, etc. We had two bags of trash & as I was walking out the door to haul them out to the dumpster, Ed was just coming back from making a delivery. I offered him a bag & we walked out to "the spot" where we both wound up & tossed the bags at the dumpster. Both of us missed - we are woefully out of practice on our trash tossing b/c I don't go outside in the winter cold if I can help it - so we tried again, and then again. Eventually we just gave up & had a good laugh. Just a nice little moment of levity in our work day. I'm grateful to have such a great group of guys to work with!


Alicia said...

Trash tossing sounds like fun! Glad God gave you a little laughing break today. I'm so thankful it's Friday!

Shawntay said...

Thanks hilarious. Anyways I'll see you when you get here!