Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Aloha Days Part II

Finally getting back to blogging & my smurfy vacation. Let's see...we're up to Monday on Oahu. Autumn & I rented a car & headed into Waikiki on our own. We didn't have any issues figuring out where to go - we were headed for some shopping! The plan for the day was to see the waterfront, shop, & hike Diamond Head. We stocked up on souvenirs & we were ambushed by a Maui Divers Jewelry salesman at the International Market. I got suckered into picking an oyster to open for a pearl. I ended up finding twins in my oyster. Then Autumn got going. I think in all she got about 6 pearls. I got 4 (2 sets of twins). Then we had to decide how to set them. I didn't have too much trouble deciding how to set them (I'm kind of opinionated since I worked in jewelry sales for 5 years); I just had trouble deciding if I wanted to spend the money. Autumn had trouble making decisions of all kinds. So we were there for quite a while. In the midst of all this I turned around to look for an ABC Store (I seriously need a Diet Coke) & you will never guess who walked by - Ed from the plane! He was headed back to his hotel after surfing. He stopped & helped Autumn make her decisions & then he hung out with us for the rest of the afternoon. Then we left Waikiki to hike Diamond Head. Ed wanted us to come back & have dinner with him & his buddies before heading to the airport for home. We agreed on the condition that the guys didn't show their appall at our post-hike state :-)
As the pics show, the view from Diamond Head was fabulous. I love going to place like that at the close of day. The light is so golden. The hike was fabulous - not too challenging at all. I would like to go back & trail run it. The worst part was the stairs. They were steep & scary. It was very windy at the top & even though I look all relaxed in the pics, I was so ready to get down. I felt like I was going to get blown off!
We drove back down to Waikiki & met up with the guys. We met Ken & Joe. I asked Ken where we were going to eat & he told me we were going to go to a place called Ryan's in Ala Moana. He explained that it was a chain kind of place & we would probably just order a bunch of pupu & share. Hmmm...I was thinking, I do not like Ryan's Steak & Buffet (something about all you can eat is just gross) & I was totally sure I didn't want any pupu! Actually, it was a very nice restaurant & pupu means 'appetizers'. We had a very nice dinner & then dropped Ed & Lee off at the airport.
Back to Waianae to get some rest for the flight to Kauai on Tuesday!


Alicia said...

Oh my, I can just hear Chloe saying "pupu". She's gotten very good at pronouncing that one. Guess I better take that girl to hawaii! :)

The views from Diamond Head are amazing! They almost don't look real - the water is just too incredibly blue.

You girls seem to be good at meeting strange men. I mean strangers that are men. :)

Adele said...

Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing (other than the jewelry incident!) day. The pictures are beautiful.