Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random Things I Love...

*I love talking to my grandma. I've got her on the phone right now & I'm wishing her a happy 85th birthday! She's such a steady, precious testimony to me & I love her so much. I love my grandpa, too. I can hear him in the background practicing his saxophone. So cute.
*I love Daylight Savings Time. I used to be a staunch opponent of switching times b/c I liked how Indiana was different from everyone else (I know, kind of silly). Anyway, I am totally in love with the fact that I can go running at 8:30 at night & still have enough daylight to get in 4 miles. Added bonus = the light is dusky enough that (I hope) passersby can't really see me totally lip syncing to my music :-)
*I love the fact that I live right in town, but I still can go only 2 blocks & see bunny rabbits out getting their evening munchies.
*I love hot bubble baths after a long hot run.
*I love having all my stuff put away & my space all dusted & swept (I hate the process & it doesn't happen often enough, but I love the end result).
*I love SheDaisy. I know, I know Goat Rope (aka, Country) music is not a fabulous genre, but with lyrics that go like this - "Twirl me like a trailer park in a tornado!" - how can you not just crack up!
*I love my ipod. It was an impulse, retail therapy kind of purchase, but I love the fact that it has over 2,900 songs on it. I can literally set it on shuffle & listen to it for days & not hear the same song twice. That's good stuff.
*I love "The Pirates of the Caribbean" & I am totally excited about Part III. I know the critics were disappointed in it, but who cares! Jack Sparrow is in it (& I know you all think I'm loopy for liking Johnny Depp, but I just can't help it!).
*Most of all, I love this blessed life the Lord has given me. When I really ponder the gifts He has bestowed upon me - salvation, family, a wonderful church, the opportunities to serve Him, & so on - I am filled with gratitude. What a loving God He is!


Alicia said...

I'm pumped about Pirates III also. I hadn't read any reviews yet . . . it can't be any worse than Pirates II! Jack Sparrow steals the show no matter how crazy the plot is. :)

Amen! We are so very blessed. It's easy to get caught up in our lives and to forget how many truly valuable things God has given us! To quote Martina McBride, "I have been blessed! With so much more than I deserve . . . "

Alicia said...

Btw, tag - you're it!

Karis said...

It was fun to get your comment on my blog. I had found your blog awhile ago and then I lost it, but I have it saved in Google Reader this time so I will be keeping us as you post. What a great vacation that must have been. Glad you got so many good pictures.

Erin said...

Thanks Mary Ann, I needed to read that today. Love you bunches.