Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Island of Kauai

Also known as Justin's Island. Or so he thinks just because he's working for the District Attorney's Office there. Anyway, we caught a morning flight to Kauai on Tuesday. We landed & picked up our rental jeep - a hard top model that we put together & took apart more times than I care to mention, but it was so fun to drive. I wanted to come home & sell my Corolla immediately & get a Jeep. Then the reality of gas prices being $3.49/gallon set in. Moving on...
We drove across the street from the airport & saw the new court house where Justin will have an office. Then we crossed the street again to see where he would be living. The dude doesn't even need a car - he can bike everywhere!
We commenced to take a whirlwind driving tour of the island. I can't even tell you where all we went, but it was great. Kauai is very rural; the total population is somewhere around 60,000 people & 74,000 chickens & roosters. They are seriously everywhere.
We hiked back to a waterfall on a river. It was very pretty & very much reminded me some places here in Indiana. It's funny how I traveled half way around the world to see something different & I was elated to find a place that looked like home.
We hit the town of Hanalei (made famous by the song "Puff the Magic Dragon"). That was where I made my total impulse purchase of a Sunrise Shell necklace. It's absolutely beautiful. The strand of the necklace is made of Niihau shells & the pendant is one full half of a sunrise shell. These shells are only found on Kauai so they are very rare & valuable - at least to me :-)
We also went to the Pali Coast. We had to 4 wheel it for about 35 minutes to reach this beach. Once we got there we decided it was totally worth it. Note - Justin wanted to camp out on this beach that night. Autumn & I decided a hotel was worth the $35 or so each. Anyway, we walked for ever just enjoying the surf & good conversation among friends. I found one stack of rocks. The Hawaiians believe that there are evil little people (Menehune) who stack up the stones. If you knock them over you will be cursed. Kind of like their version of leprechauns & pots of gold. While we were walking on this beach we ran into a group of nekkies. The first time I've ever seen nude people at the beach. Yikes!
We also stopped by a resort to check out prices for one night. $540! And it was off season. We decided not to stay there (big surprise!). But we did hang out for a while & checked out their beach front, pools, etc. Are you familiar with the movie, "Six Days, Seven Nights" with Harrison Ford & Anne Heche? In that movie they are marooned on a deserted island & have to jump off of a cliff into the ocean to escape some drug smugglers. We saw that cliff. Justin has actually jumped off of it. I sat on the edge. I'm just not too nervy sometimes :-)
Justin warned us that all of Kauai rolls up at 9 o'clock. I wasn't sure I believed him until I realized that literally the only thing to do that evening was languish in our hotel room or go see "Blades of Glory". We elected to go for the movie. Although funny, I wouldn't truly recommend it; something about Will Ferrell gives me the shivers.
Kauai definitely has a pristine, unsettled beauty that Oahu seems to have lost. I loved it b/c it was kind of hickish & hippy-ish. I'm glad I have connections on this island now, too!


Alicia said...

I can't get over how beautiful the water is! So gorgeous.

So, who is this Justin fellow you were visiting?

Yikes, I actually don't mind will ferrell but some of his movies are pretty raunchy (in my mind - don't take offense). Something about him and napoleon dynamite iceskating seems very funny to me though.

Alicia said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add you MUST show a photo of your new sunrise shell necklace! I'm clueless as to what a sunrise shell is . . . .

Adele said...

Those views are breathtaking. I can't imagine what it would be like to go to church w/ those huge mountains in the background. I would be tempted to worship from outside!

So I'm assuming Justin is choosing Hawaii as his permanent location?

Anonymous said...

Hi there are sunrise shells here on OAHU.....come on over and you can search with us here on OAHU.