Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Family Vacation

We managed to have a fabulous time as a family at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. Now don't get me wrong, I love my family. We're close (some would say a little too close) but I don't generally enjoy holidays with the fam. It's always loud, crowded, & a little hurried so that all the marrieds can see all the branches of family that they need to. So I truly look forward to these little vacations we've started taking. The little cousins get together & have a blast. My siblings & I get to play together again. It's great.

I decided this year that I wouldn't drive myself so I tagged along with my parents. Sometimes driving with them isn't too much fun. My dad hates driving distances but no one else can drive if he's in the car (if you know what I mean...). So I packed my ipod & player & it turned out to be a very good idea. We jammed along to Don Williams, Johnny Cash, & Willie Nelson - all the songs I grew up on. My dad is a classic country fan & it totally cracked me up to hear him singing along with 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

We got checked into our King Size RV's. I stayed with Beth & Brennan while Mom & Dad stayed with Andy & Valerie. We met at our mutual picnic table for dinner & then headed off to Lake Rudolph's pool. And then it was on! Andy, Beth, & Mary Ann racing laps. So much fun!

Then we enjoyed two days at the parks. Here are some picture highlights...

Aidan's first Smore!

Hangin' out at the RV, watching some 'toons.

Dad, Mom, Beth, Brennan, & Caleb lined up for a little water squirting race. I opted to capture the moment on film. I think I got some good angles :-) Look how intense they are! I was totally laughing at them!

The big winner! I have to give Caleb a little credit here b/c he could have chosen one big prize for winning. Instead he opted to take two of the smaller prizes so that he would have one to give to his sister. What a champ!


Alicia said...

That's so sweet that your nephew shared prizes with his sister! Sounds like a wonderful wonderful time was had by all. You're making me want to hear some Cash myself! :)

Michele said...

Mary Ann, we just were at Holiday World two days ago! Whew, I think I'm getting too old for amusement park rides! I didn't want to go on anything. I used to ride any crazy thing when I was young, now I'm all conservative(chicken?)about it. Something about being a mom of four makes me that way...Leah who is six, went on the Voyage..Braver than mommy!