Friday, February 13, 2009

I am now eligible to run for office!

Yep, I am now among the ranks of tax evaders who have been caught! That makes me totally qualified to run for public office, right? ;-)

Here's the sad, sorry story. My mom & I always figure my taxes. She's a financial whiz & has always done their taxes which are a little more complicated due to the fact that my dad is self-employed. Anyway, in 2006 I received a sizable refund from the state. That should have been a huge red flag. It wasn't; I was probably gleefully planning a trip to Hawaii while that red flag was waving right in front of my eyes. The dreadful news arrived via mail last week. The State Department of Revenue sent me this awful letter saying that the income I reported on my state return did not match the income reported on my federal return. Silly people, of course it matches! That's what I thought. However, when I pulled out my records (thanks Momma, for making me file all that junk!) I was WRONG. You see, when you report your federal income, you get to subtract something like $7800 from your total income to create your adjusted income (it's like claiming yourself as a tax exemption). The deal is, you are not supposed to use this adjusted income amount on your state return as your total income. Say it with me, people...oops! Anyway, the state now wants me to pay taxes + penalties + interest on that $7800. By March 6th. WAH!!! Yep, I cried. It's pathetic & it's just money, but don't they know that I'm remodeling my house? that I'm planning a wedding? that my fiance's job is in the balance? Don't they know? Of course they don't; & I'm sure they really wouldn't care if they did know. But my God knows. And that's all that really matters. We've been praying about how to meet this new financial ordeal & already the Lord has provided me with an extra shift at my second job. Not exactly what I was hoping for (I mean really, is it possible for me to work MORE?). And they have allowed me to pay just $100 by March 6th & after that I can go on a payment plan. Plus, my boss at the full-time time has mentioned that there may be a Saturday morning shift I can work sometime soon. That shift is a booger b/c it starts at 2 a.m. but all 5 hours would be time and a half - glory! I'm praying that one works out soon!

Anyway, this guy was looking for me & found me. At least all he wanted was my money & not my life!


Erin said...

I'm so sorry. It sounds like you have a great perspective, but it still doesn't make it easy. You're right. God will provide.

Adele said...

That's terrible! I'm always afraid we're going to mess something up too. This year we're having our taxes done through someone who works with ABWE missionaries since we have Jason's employment plus the missions stuff to figure out.

Too bad they can't wait for this year's tax return and deduct from that.