Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Wedding Planning Update

Here's an attempt for me to get my head straight about what I've done & what I need to do as well as an opportunity to fill you in on the planning (if you are curious about my progress). Right now I feel as if I have 6,438 things Half done. Not such a great feeling. Anyway, little baby steps every day, right?
* I just ordered our cake topper. It looks like this:

I love it. I love birds & these two just look so cuddly & adorable. We also have talked through our ideas for a cake & decided what we want for sure. NEXT STEP: call the cake lady & make sure she can do what we want.

*I have e-mailed the lady we want to be our photographer. She actually does the cleaning at my workplace. She will graduate in May with her degree in photography & she has already done several weddings. I'm excited about having her take our pictures b/c she is going to give us a disc with everything on it & then we (i.e. Mike) can play around with it & create our album.

*I have my hair girl booked. DeAnn does great work!

* I have my beautiful dress. And shoes & veil. So pretty...can't wait to wear them!

*I have my flower girl booked. My friend Abby is doing all the flowers & I get to meet with her on Tuesday evening for dinner, flower planning, & a super fun visit. Can't wait!

*The wedding party has been decided.

  • Maid of Honor - Beth (my sister)
  • Best Man - Stew (Mike's brother)
  • Bridesmaids - Stephanie A. & Becky L. (sweet friends)
  • Groomsmen - Jason & Stevie (Mike's brother-in-law & cousin)
  • Greeters - Amoke' & Sandy G. (sweet, friendly friends)
  • Ushers - Von & Victor (Mike's cousins)
  • Piano player - Joyce (even the music is all picked out!)
  • Vocalist - Gwen, accompanied by Jackie (Mike's sisters)
  • Flutist - Aunt Ruth (she plays so beautifully!)
  • Reader - this is still undecided. I have someone in mind that I would love to have involved & I would love to have a passage of Scripture read during the ceremony, but it hasn't been officially decided.
  • Cake & Kitchen helpers - I have four lovely ladies in mind, but I've only actually asked one - my sis-in-law Valerie. Still need to ask Roxi, Virginia, & Janet.
  • Reception Host - I really want someone to be the person in charge so that there is a natural flow to the reception. I want my brother to do it. He's very charming & is good at being in charge. Still need to ask him.
  • Reception music - I asked my g-ma to record a little lovey-dovey song that could be played while we cut the cake. I love to hear my g-ma sing & I have so many sweet memories of singing with her, I really wanted her voice to be part of the wedding somehow. We need to pick a song & record it.

* The guest list is coming together very nicely. Except for the fact that it is HUGE! I'm a little worried about the facilities being big enough but my family keeps saying that the ceremony is going to be short, blah, blah, blah. I guess if we have people standing in the back & in the foyer that will just make the whole thing more memorable, right? Note to anyone reading this that is coming to the wedding - get there early! This is your warning that you may not have a seat if you don't!

* Meet with the girls to have their dresses fitted & ordered (looking forward to that - girl time!)

*Tentatively scheduled counseling sessions with Pastor Jeff.

So, that leaves me with a list of things yet to do...

*Engagement pictures & announcement for the local newspaper

*Selection of tuxes

*Selection & ordering of invitations

*Select & purchase wedding rings

*Finalize decisions regarding set-up & decorations for reception.

*Make final plans regarding the honeymoon.

*Call two hotels & reserve 2 small blocks of rooms for out of town guests.

That's enough thinking for right now. So exciting, so tiring, & so much fun. Only 142 days to go!


Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing all the details! It sounds like you have a LOT done already! Keep plugging away! Wish I could hear the details of your dress - you'll have to email me since I'm sure you don't want to your hubby-to-be to know. How exciting and wonderful!!!

Sharon Epling said...

Sounds like you are doing great! So many details to think of.

Erin said...

You have really accomplished a lot!!!! It must be so exciting to plan all of this.