Friday, February 13, 2009


What to do, what to do! Valentine's Day is TOMORROW & I have no clue what to do for Mike. I'm not always super good at being the gifty girlfriend. We don't have tons of cash to throw around at the moment & without a kitchen, I can't even cook for my man. *sigh*
He has mentioned that he would like a t-shirt for a Big 10 team, preferably Minnesota. I had about an hour between jobs yesterday so I started out on my t-shirt quest. I went to a sports store in the mall & told the sales guy what I was looking for. No joke, he said to me - "There isn't a Big 10 t-shirt, but we could sell you a t-shirt for one of the schools in the Big 10 Conference." Ummm...I know I'm a girl & not totally into sports or anything, but DUH! Anyway, all they really had was IU (& he already has a bunch of their stuff) & Michigan State (which is his least favorite team). So I moved on. And the other stores in the mall had even less to choose from, i.e. they had zilch. So, unless they got inventory overnight, that idea is a no-go.
That's where you come in, faithful readers! Please help me by leaving comments with suggestions of something sweet I can do for Mike for Valentine's Day! Thank you in advance for sharing your brilliance ;-)


Carrie said...

I am not super creative for V-day; most of my ideas also revolve around food. :) Sometimes we go out as a couple; sometimes I plan a special dinner for us as a family. This year it'll be mainly a family celebration, as we do not have a lot of money to throw around, either! Anyway . . . that isn't very helpful in giving you ideas!

You could maybe pack a picnic and go for a romantic walk to a pretty place to eat it (but only if the temps are mild--not sure what they're like in Indiana, but here it is COLD again). Or get takeout and watch a fun movie. (I just bought "Fireproof" as a surprise for my hubby and we are going to watch it tonight for our "date." :)) Another idea that might work is to get him a new tool (small inexpensive one)--I know my hubby considers tools a very happy gift, not sure if Mike is the same way but he sounds like he is the handy type, so maybe he'd like that . . .

I dunno, like I said, I'm not the most creative. Hopefully someone else will come up with better ideas! Whatever you do, I hope you have a fun time. Just think, next V-day you'll be a married couple!! :)

Erin said...

Sorry, no ideas here. Oh, you could buy a plain shirt and some puffy paint and just write "Big 10" on it. See no ideas. :) Love you and hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day.

Mary Ann said...

Too funny, Erin! I told my boss your idea & he even laughed.
Carrie, you are so right about tools. He has a ton of them & I like to buy them for him b/c then he does wonderful work for me ;-) Thanks for your suggestions. The take out food & funny movie will probably be the plan. Low key is great, especially after a long week!