Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling Just A Little Satisfied...

When I got to work this morning I knew something was different the second I walked through the door. I think that I have mentioned before that I am the only girl on our 8-person staff. Generally the temperature in our lab & office is about 18 degrees Celsius. That's about 65 degree Fahrenheit. Say it with me girls - BRRRRR!!!! I have a space heater at my desk & it gets turned on nearly every day (even on the hottest days in August). So, getting back to my original observation this morning. When I walked through the door I didn't feel a bit of temperature difference from the outside air. It was about 72 degrees this morning. And the air conditioning in our part of the building is broken. Heehee! That means I am seated at my desk right now in my jeans & shirt feeling totally comfortable. Not cold, not hot, just right. The guys have been whining like crazy about how they are sweating & it's just a terrible situation. Cracks me up! Is it bad that I'm just a teensy bit glad they are all hot for a day since I'm usually shivering all the time? ;-)

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Karis said...

You are so funny! But wow -- 65 degrees is cold.

When it gets down to 75 degrees here at night, the Africans all talk about how cold it is out. We're thinking it's beautiful weather, and they're dressing very warmly.