Friday, June 5, 2009

Highs & Lows

The last week has really gone by in a blur. I have been working a ton b/c of the new computer system implementation at my second job. The end may be in sight for the extra hours. Hopefully by the week after next I'll be back down to 11 hours a week instead of 15-22. I have had a stress headache, poison ivy, & some other mystery rash for about 2 weeks now. I think I just need a good nap. Oversleeping for work every day does not count as getting some extra rest ;-)

I didn't get on here to gripe about my schedule. I actually wanted to update some stuff. There's lots going on out side of the realm of work - especially with the wedding only 36 days away! I'm so glad it's almost here but totally freaked about what isn't done yet...

Anyway, tomorrow Mike & I are having a massive yard sale. We have stuff that we don't use anymore, clothes that don't fit anymore, fixtures that we have taken out of the house (like a kitchen sink, ceiling fan, etc.), extra furninture, extra kitchen stuff, & on & on. I can't wait to get it out of the living room & dining room & out on the lawn to sell, sell, sell! I was also able to schedule a pick up with our local mission. Which means that anything that doesn't sell will be easily removed for us! God is good b/c He knows that I in no way want to lug that stuff back in the house or try to stuff it all in my compact car to haul away. Blessings!

On the wedding front there has been some sad news. My dad has decided not to be there. I'm not going to elaborate on family drama but I do want to clarify that he does not have a problem with Mike or our upcoming marriage. He has other reasons that I don't understand, but I am determined with God's help to be over my hurt & disappointment so that I can fully enjoy my wedding day. It's such a celebration - God has done a wonderful thing by bringing me & Mike together & we are so happy about it. We are grateful for His leading in our lives & we want to say the vows, make the promises, & smile & laugh & visit with family & friends that have made time to be there. From the very first day that he put a ring on my finger I told Mike that I wanted our day to be happy. Not filled with stress or emotional drama (not even the good suspenseful kind). I want to walk in with a smile & run down the aisle with a big whoop when it's over. So that's what our plan is - to be happy. But if you want, please pray for us! I've made it two days now without crying about it, but I know it's probably gonna surface again. And I have decisions to make about the ceremony. And my mom is so sad to be alone at our wedding. Please pray that the picture taking goes well. If you're going to be at the wedding, make sure to share some love on my momma. She will need it.

On to other wedding news, the invites are in the mail & reception details are coming together. My big goal for this weekend is to get our engagement announcement sent in to the local paper, get the engagement pics passed out to family that wants them, write out the order of the ceremony, decide who to ask to walk me down the aisle, & come up with a schedule for the wedding day. And I might meet with my flower friend. Whew!

I hope you all have sunny weekends & wish us much success on our yard sale!


Alicia said...

Oh, dear. My heart is heavy for you about the dad thing. I'll be praying! If it makes you feel any better I wished my dad DIDN'T walk me down the aisle but he did. :( My folks have been divorced for a long time and my dad didn't raise me at all. I really wanted to acknowledge my mom more than him but it didn't happen that way. And God gave us grace to enjoy the day fully regardless! Praying the same happens for you in the grace and joy department!

Having just come off hosting our own yard sale you will be acutely in my thoughts this weekend. Hope it goes well and that you're able to unload a lot of stuff! For me the success of the sale was in getting rid of excess stuff not so much about how much money we earned.

Theo-Ann said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for your situation. Keep on resting in the Lord. I'm so glad God brought you and Mike together in His perfect timing. Rest, relax and enjoy this next month before the BIG day!:)

ruth said...

Oh, Mary Ann, I'll be praying for extra grace for you and also for your mom! I can't imagine the disappointment and hurt you must be feeling, but I pray that the Lord will bring you peace and joy and that you'll be able to truly, fully enjoy your wedding day.

May God bless you and Mike with a happy day and even happier days after!