Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh my - not good news

I think I might need to disconnect my cell phone today because all it seems to be able to do is deliver me some bad news.

First I received a prayer line request from my church. A 5-year old girl that attends our church was in a car accident last night. She has life threatening internal injuries & her mother has serious head injuries. Her grandma has serious injuries.

Second, I received a text message from my mom. She works for a financial institution & one of their branches was robbed this morning. No one was hurt but of course they are all shook up. Ever since my mom started this job (I was in 3rd grade so it's been a long time!) I've had this little obnoxious worry that someday they would get robbed. I'm so grateful that it happened at a branch where she wasn't working at the time & I'm so grateful no one was hurt. I'm just concerned now that my mom will have a lot of work to do to deal with the robbery.'s been an eventful start to the week. If you think of it, please remember these wonderful people in your prayers. We need His healing hand for the car accident victims & His hand of protection & wisdom for the robbery situation. I'm so grateful to know that His help is ALWAYS available!


Alicia said...

Hope the rest of the week holds better news for you and your loved ones!

Theo-Ann said...

Hope and pray that all is going well in each situation. I'm praying for them.:) Keep us posted on everything. Have a great night!

Rebecca said...


Erin said...

I hope you only get good news the rest of the week. By the way, the Pioneer Woman has a fantastic blog full of stories from their ranch, recipes and give-aways. Lots of great big give-aways. It's really a fun sight. I've been following her for a few years now.