Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Party Time!

That's right - I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party at our house this Thursday, April 29th! And if you didn't receive an invitation, email, or facebook invite (or some combination of all three!), this blog entry will serve as your welcome to come on over! Have a seat! Chow down!

This is kind of an unorthodox approach to a P.C. party. The sales rep, Jenny, actually lives far, far away from me. But she's the only P.C. rep I know. And I wanted to have a party that would benefit her. So, I concocted a kind of hybrid party idea. I've passed lots of catalogs around so it's kind of a catalog party. But I'm also having everyone over to my house that would like to come by. Jenny won't be there to do the cooking demonstration, but I am going to whip up some P.C. yumminess & lay out all the P.C. tools I use to accomplish the work & voila! That's a hybrid party!

The best of both worlds, that's what I like to call it!

So get your party clothes ready. Eat a salad for dinner Thursday night. Bring your camera. Lots of fun should ensue. That's just how it works - fun people, fun food, fun times!


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun. wish i could be there.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Ooh, a PC party? Have fun!

malia said...

hi mary ann-- thanks for entering my pw giveaway and stopping by my blog. love your blog name so cute.