Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Much For That!

I am by no means fashion savvy. I have to go to work early in the morning. I cannot put together a comprehensible sentence until I have been awake for at least an hour. If I wait until morning to decide what to wear that day I will most likely stand staring into my closet for a full five minutes & still be unable to come up with a workable outfit.
It's just who I am.
I should be on that show, "What Not To Wear."
Sad but true.
In an effort to overcome my early morning mental handicaps (not to mention my lack of time due to hitting the snooze button approximately 63 times), I will generally pick out five outfits on the weekend. Then I iron them all & hang them in a special slot in my closet. Ahh...the joy of planning ahead!
This week I had my outfits all planned & this morning I selected an outfit that seemed fairly well put together, a nice sleek black sweater layered over a cream colored tissue T with crisp dark wash jeans & black shoes. Simple. Solid colors. That's how I roll.
I was even enough ahead of the clock that I could put on some jewelry. I worked in a jewelry store for over five years so I really like the stuff. And I used to really wear it. Not so much anymore, but when I have time I put on a ring (other than my wedding rings which I always wear), a necklace, & some earrings.
So I put on the jewelry, snag my coat & head out the door. All the while thinking I looked just fine.
after I had been at work for a while went to wash my hands. While looking in the mirror I discovered this:

In my right ear I am sporting a beautiful opal stud.
In my left ear I am sporting a beautiful trillion diamond stud.


the johnson crew said...

oh well, you are so funny. it could be SO MUCH WORSE! you built up the drama i was waiting for a big hole in your backside or something. LOL!

i need to be on "what not to wear" as well. Almost every day i wear either jeans or sweat pants. and a long or short sleeved T-shirt. Complete with a hoodie.

Oh and by the way, i tried your "nail polish on the ring-thing" and It helped a little... but my skin would still get very red and irritated until we moved out of our moldy/mildewy apartment. So funny, jason's ring finger reacted the same way as mine. i wonder if it was the water? - we are both better now.

Steve n Vickie said...

That's better than two different shoes. It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but I've done that before :D

Erin said...

You work with guys and they probably didn't even notice you had earrings in. :)

Mary Ann said...

Janelle, sorry about all the dramatic build up :-) I can be a little bad about that...and never fear, I have had a big hole in the backside of my britches, just not this time :-) And I wonder about the water thing, too. I'm glad that it's gotten better for you! And I *heart* hoodies. Let them never go out of style for I will not forsake them!
Vickie, I have never mismatched shoes - ha! I'll bet you have a good story for that one!
Erin, you are so right. They didn't notice & when I told my boss he looked at me like I had grown a third ear. He obviously couldn't have cared less :-)