Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Calling All Fashionistas!

Since it has already been established that I need an intervention a la "What Not To Wear", I thought I'd send out a little S.O.S. to my bloggie friends.

This Saturday Mike & I have plans to go to the Big City to meet his brother & a friend for dinner. This should really be no big deal. However, my brother-in-law (a.k.a. 'Stew') is a professional man & he has some distinct ideas of how to do things. First of all, we will not be going to Olive Garden, P.F. Chang's, or even The Cheesecake Factory. I actually don't know the name of the restaurant but it requires reservations & he said it would probably be around $100 for our dinner (OH.MY.WORD.) He lives downtown, the restaurant is downtown, & we will be walking about 11 blocks in the crisp winter air to get there.

Enter my dilemma. Stew has massive fashion sense for a man. He actually has massive city fashion sense for a man. I have no fashion sense, let alone city fashion sense. Mike is easy to dress. Cool jeans, nice shoes, & a freshly ironed button down. He's done. Ready to go. Just doesn't seem fair, does it?

I know that I should probably paint my nails. I've already got them filed down nicely. My regular salon appointment is today so my hair will be freshly trimmed & there will be no grays peeking through.

The real problem (& you have already guessed it, haven't you?), is clothing. I am fairly certain that my normal outfit of layered t's & hoodies will not be acceptable. I know that I should be planning on some black (preferably high heeled) boots, dark rinse skinny jeans, & a tunic sweater of some sort, probably topped off with a scarf. This would look fabulous on a tall, willowy girl.

There are several issues with that imaginary outfit.

First, I am tall. I am not willowy. Amen.

Second, the high heeled boots. Walking 11 blocks? No to the way. And I mean NO.TO.THE.WAY. Plus, I'm 5'10". I don't need any help in the height department.

Third, nobody & I mean NO BODY wants to see me in skinny jeans. Amen.

Fourth, I don't own a tunic sweater. See #2. I'm tall. Tunic sweaters on me just mean that when I bend down I don't have to worry about anything showing.

Fifth, there is no fifth. I have some scarves (or is it scarfs?) & I love to wear them. So I just might end up rocking a scarf.

Help me out here. What should I do? I have a Old Navy gift card & a Fashion Bug gift card.
Any suggestions?


Carrie said...

Well, I am the furthest thing from a fashionista, so I have no really helpful advice for you . . . but I'm sure someone else out there does! And I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say, because I could use some wardrobe help, too! :)

I do have one thing to say about skinny jeans: Ick. I think they look bad on everybody, even skinny people. That's one fad I will be glad to see vanish. Even worse than skinny jeans are the leggings that are made to look like jeans. Double ick! I am not a big fan of tunic sweaters, either, but I know they are "in." :) I DO like scarves and black boots! I don't own either, however. (See, I told you I need to update my wardrobe!) I think you could get by with non-high-heel boots; they would still look cute and fashionable. You can find them with a little heel and they would be way more comfy for walking in than high heels!

I am really interested in hearing what you come up with--please share a picture of yourself if you have a chance, so we can see your outfit! It sounds like it will be a really fun evening in the big city. :)

the johnson crew said...

i'm actually right there with you.

my "fashion friend" rachel (age 20 and adorable) told me i needed "skinny jeans" so i could wear my boots over them (and that is the only way i would be able to get away with them.) - i guess i don't know what a tunic sweater is... lol.

maybe go to some web sites like banana republic, or gap, or j.crew to get ideas. they often have models who look our age. i don't know. i do look forward to seeing what you come up with though.

TwoMuths said...

I'm not a fashion anything...but I was thinking maybe a *gulp* vest? (they are apparently back in style?) or maybe a jacket over dark jeans with a cute sweater?

TwoMuths said...

I meant cute scarf.

Steph said...

I've been catching up on your blog - you always make me laugh Mary Ann. I miss you and hope we can get together soon.

You know I have no fashion advice! I'm sporting sweatpants & a long-sleeved t-shirt today since I have nowhere to go - there have to be some perks to homeschooling right?


Can't wait to see what you come up with to wear. I think you always look cute! :)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for all your help, girls! I'm going to do a little web surfing for ideas, gather my coupons/gift cards, & hit a couple of stores tomorrow after work. I will be sure to post some pics of our Night Out & let you know how it goes!

Alicia said...

Man, I'm way too late on commenting here and I'm super bummed! Regardless, I look forward to seeing what you pulled together. I would have suggested a cool statement necklace (probably could get one from fashion bug) paired with a scoop neck shirt to show it off. Then a skirt with knee high boots (you can get knee high boots withOUT heels!). Looking forward to seeing what you wore! I'm sure you looked great and had a fun time getting all dolled up!