Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Please, Step Into My Office

Here at my workplace we run a small operation. We just have four drivers, one driver/technician, two pharmacists, & one me - technician/billing specialist/timekeeper/driver. Our work space is correspondingly small. My office is actually the break room, too. My desk is on one wall & the break table is directly behind me. I kind of like this set up because it encourages chats with the guys. I would rather be around folks than tucked away behind an office door. Besides, this way I'm always within five feet of the coffee pot!
My desk however, is not at all what I would pick. In typical computer desk fashion it doesn't have a single drawer of any kind. I don't have a place to hide goodies or tuck my purse away. For years I have just set my purse on the floor beside my desk. Most of the time it's no big deal but when I have a light colored leather or fabric purse, bad things happen - they get dirty.
The other day I got all kinds of smart & do-it-yourself-ery. I bought one of those self-sticking but won't hurt your finish hooks & I stuck it on the side of my desk:
Pretty handy, huh? The only problem is that I stuck it high up on the desk side so that longer handled purses wouldn't drag the floor. In hanging it high I made it impossible for the hook to slide off of it's back piece so who knows if I'll ever be able to get it off. Oh well.

The other thing I did in my office recently I am not so proud of. It involves this shoe buckle:
When you are wearing shoes with buckles it is unwise to sit down with your foot curled underneath of you. I did just that this morning. What happened when I tried to get up was not a pretty sight. Unless you would have had a video camera; I'm sure this little snippet could have made America's Funniest Videos.
I stood up & tried to pull my leg down underneath me. The buckle caught in the cloth cover of my desk chair and two stumbles, one jerk, & one tear later - I was able to stand upright.

Poor chair! I pulled a fairly large chunk of fabric out & left a fairly large tear. Oops.
By the way, today marks the fourth anniversary of my very first blog post. My, how time does fly!


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Love the purse idea - how DIY clever! And congrats on 4 years, that's amazing!

Susan said...

I see you won the candles at frenchy's...any interest in trading for the kritter kommunity, which I won.I thought I had someone to offer it to, but it turns out they got rid of their cat. so now I have no use for it.

thursday said...

haha! oh no. I was certain you were going to say that you tore a hole in the back of your pants. so maybe that's a siler lining? maybe not. ;)