Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Fashion Report

Last Friday night I spent several grueling hours shopping for a new outfit. I had myself totally worked up about going to dinner in the Big City with Mike, his brother, & a friend. Somehow or other I was really worried that I would be underdressed & po-dunk. I have a few fashion missteps in my past & they were haunting me big time.
So I consulted you fabulous readers. You were empathic. You were encouraging. I drew upon your strength during my grueling fitting room escapades. And I learned some very important things.
First of all, never shop alone. I exhausted myself pacing around, picking things up in multiple sizes, making multiple trips to the fitting room & back. I'm getting tired again just remembering it.
Second of all, my sweet hair styling friend DeAnne reminded me that the clothes are nothing compared to the person you are. She kindly told me to remember that I already had everything I needed to enjoy a nice evening out. She said not to forget that I had been taught good manners; use them. She told me not to forget my smile; an engaging, genuine smile is better than the finest cashmere. She remarked that a good listening ear is one of the best things you can bring to a stimulating conversation; it's better than skinny jeans & the best high-heeled boots.
She is so right.
But I went shopping anyway. And exhausted myself but I think it was worth it.

I loved the soft knit & easy lines of this shawl-ish lavendar sweater. I had to use one of those long-handled hooks to get it down off of the display wall & I'm glad I did!
Underneath the sweater I layered a lacy-top cami & this soft drapey gray long-sleeved T with pleats at the neck. This outfit was all about soft, let me tell you. This t-shirt feels like it's made out of silk, only better.
I will admit that I tried on skinny jeans. I took two pairs into the fitting room with me. One pair was one size larger than my normal size & the other pair was two sizes larger than my normal size. I know they are supposed to be fitted, but come ON. I just couldn't make myself like them on me, even when tucked down into my boots. So I compromised & got these Levi's. They are described as Slender Straight on the tag & surprisingly, I really like them.
And then I finished things off with these fun little ankle boots. They were kind of an accident. I didn't come home with any shoes on Friday night. Mike & I agreed that I didn't have any shoes that really worked with the outfit. So on Saturday I did a bit more shopping & found these. I *heart* them. And they are easy to walk in. Plus they make my big feet appear smaller. I have died & gone to heaven.
Here's the obligatory self portrait. Mike was taking too long & I got tired of waiting for him to take my picture. *grin*
Proof of my shoe love. I don't want to tell how many times I almost tottered over trying to take this one!
Mike was finally ready to take my pic. Am I all awkward arms & legs or what?
And here is Mike all ready for the evening. He totally would not cooperate & let me take his pic or try to take a pic together. Goofy boy.

At more than one point during the day on Saturday I thought our dinner plans were going to be cancelled. We had a bit of a snow storm & no one likes driving any kind of distance in a mess like that. Also, Mike had to work Saturday & they wouldn't tell him what time he would be getting off. First they said he had to work until 4 pm. Our original dinner reservation was at 4:30 so we had to cancel it. Then he got off at 2:30 & we were able to get there in time for dinner reservations at another restaurant at 8:30. It wasn't as fancy-schmancy as the first place, but it was a nice local Italian restaurant. We had wonderful appetizers of Toasted Ravioli & Crab Cakes followed by a Fish Stew or Italian Wedding Soup. For the main course I ordered Fettucini Alfredo while the boys ordered Lobster Stuffed Ravioli. We all shared some Tiramisu & a Cannoli or two for dessert. To say it was good would be to sell it short. It was fabulous. Each dish was served with an orchid for garnish & I couldn't keep myself from saying, "That's so pretty!" whenever they brought something new to our table.

It was a fine evening - good food, good company, & good memories!


Theo-Ann said...

I just love your outfit! And I'm glad that your evening went well with your hubby and good friends.:)

Alicia said...

I think you look great!!! Good choices -- especially smart to choose comfy wearable fabrics.

TwoMuths said...

lovely! :-)

Erin said...

Very, very cute! I knew you'd pull it off.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, girls!

the johnson crew said...

i do love the outfit you picked out. beautiful and classy and something that looks easy to wear too. love the jeans. good choice. they will probably be much more versatile than skinny jeans with boots anyways. makes me want to go shopping.

Carrie said...

Very cute!!! It's so fun to get new clothes, isn't it? :) And especially new SHOES!!! (I am a serious shoe lover--my family nicknamed me Imelda long ago. :)) Glad you had fun . . . and the food sounds YUMMY!

Adele said...

You are NOT all awkward arms and legs - you are beautifully tall! Love the new outfit!

I'd like to get something new (even 2nd hand new is fine) for my m-i-l's wedding. Want to come help me shop? I don't really have anything fitting for a wedding, especially when I'm playing the piano for it!