Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fridgie Wallpaper

With the purchase of our house, along came a fridgie.  It's kind of funny, but I didn't realize it wasn't a full-sized fridgie for quite a while.  Then I noticed that I could easily see on top of the freezer.  I'm tall but I'm not THAT tall!  That's when I realized we have more of an apartment sized fridgie.  It's the almondy, off-white kind of color.  And I thought it was just really in need of a good scrubbing when I first moved in.  It just looked dingy & kind of stained in places.  Several cleaners & lots of elbow grease later I discovered that the way it was would be the way it stayed.  So we kind of use different things to 'wallpaper' our fridgie.  And since we have three nieces, three nephews & many friends who send pics in their Christmas greetings, we have lots of material to work with!

I thought I'd highlight two pieces of our current fridgie wallpaper.  This first one was recently penned by Madison.  We were all gathered at M&D's for a family dinner.  She snuck off into the office, wrote this poem, & then wrote a separate copy for everyone.  She delivered them rolled up like a scroll & tied with yarn.  Super fun delivery!

This second piece of fridgie wallpaper has been around for a while.  It was designed by our niece Caydance.  She is a very artsy child so I wasn't surprised when she decided to draw a pic of me.  She's in second grade & has taken the time to carefully label different features of my face, etc.  The one label that made us crack up was "a little dot" with an arrow pointing at my chin.  Yes folks, that little dot was none other than a little zit!  This is also the kid that checked up with me one day asking if I was liking my ProActive?  Just a reminder, when you are talking with a kid's mom & the kid is anywhere nearby, it doesn't matter how busy they might seem to be with something else, they are still listening to your conversation! *grin*

What's wallpapering your fridgie?

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