Monday, September 12, 2011

My Monday - By The Numbers

I had a crazy day at work today.  The little collage above tells a story.  The moon was shining on me at 5 a.m. when I clocked in & got behind the wheel.  The top right shows the sun coming up as I tool on down the road.  The bottom left shows my view on the world at around noon.  The bottom right was taken at 4 p.m. when I finally parked it for the day.  Whew!

My personal theory is that Mondays are supposed to be gentle days that ease you back into the workaday world calmly & softly.  That is not what happened in my world today!  Here's my Monday - by the numbers:

5 ~ a.m. when I clocked in to work
11 ~ hours in my workday today
465 ~ approximate number of miles I drove today (mind you, I got nowhere; I just drove in circles, slowly losing my mind as I made deliveries)
4 ~ % of battery strength I had left on my phone by the end of the day
1 ~ number of gas station hot dogs I ate for lunch (I know, I know, but it was free so I ate it!)
2 ~ loaves of apple bread I made
4 ~ loads of laundry that got washed, folded, & put away (victory!)
2 ~ miles that I ran
1 ~ mile that I walked
1 ~ life changing phone call we received (Mike's uncle went home to heaven tonight; we mourn but not without hope - we will be together again one day)
1 ~ joy inducing email (congrats on your happy baby news, Erin & Jeff!)
6 ~ tomatoes that I picked
1 ~ weary PharmGirl that needs to go to bed very soon

So how was your Monday?  I hope it was gentle...


Alicia said...

You forgot to add "1 - blog post written" to your list of Monday accomplishments. Wow. YOU.ARE.SUPERWOMAN!

My Monday was certainly not gentle but few days are with the three crazies running around like banshees creating chaos and noise wherever they roam. :) But it's a good joyful chaos and for that I'm thankful!

Sorry to hear about your loss but thankful you have the hope and promise of Christ's victory over death. O grave, where is your sting?

Steph said...

You made me tired just reading all that! :) We spent the morning with J & A, then headed back after lunch. We drove about the same number of miles as you, but made it from PA to IN - crazy!

Loved seeing you Saturday, even though we didn't get to visit much. Hopefully we'll get a better visit sometime soon. Hope you have a great week! Erin's having a baby?