Friday, March 20, 2009

Bring on the weekend!

I just gotta say, the last couple of days have been very trying. I just gotta tell you about all the silly, kind of funny, crazy things that have been going on.

  • I got a call yesterday that our wedding invitations were in. Yay! I went to pick them up & just about screamed when I saw them. Our names are printed in the body of the invitation & then they are also printed along the left margin, going up the side of the invite. Wouldn't you know that the margin line read "Mary & Mike". UGGHHHH! I never ever ever go by the name Mary & it didn't even occur to me to specify. So back to the printer they go. Thank God there will be no additional charges.
  • I had to work at my second job yesterday. I got there & one of the other part-time techs stopped by to say hello while she shopped. She also wanted to inform us that she had gotten text messages from several of her friends who said that they had heard on the news that there was going to be some sort of gang iniation in town last night. The gang 'recruits' were supposed to hang out at Wal*Mart & shoot three women in the parking lot. I don't work at Wal*Mart, but she wanted to warn us b/c she thought maybe any parking lot would be dangerous. Nice! Just what you want to hear. Her friends also said that they had heard the story on the news. One of my co-workers called her daughter to ask her if she had heard about it & the daughter said it had already happened & one lady had already been shot. We all moved our cars closer to the building & made a plan to leave together. I called Mike & my parents & asked them to watch the news while we kept an eye on the internet for reports. The whole thing was hogwash. And an additional stress that none of us needed. I've been especially nervous about gang stuff lately b/c there's been some graffiti in my neighborhood. Yucky stuff, but I just gotta trust the Lord to take care of me.
  • Then I got to work this morning. Oy. We were notified by our landlord that our electric bill was messed up & our power could be turned off. That was an interesting research project. Who do I call? The utility company? Someone at corporate? WHO at corporate? I work for a ginormous international company so where do I even start? Well, I got that one tackled & I found someone to take care of it. Hopefully we won't be in the dark anytime soon.
  • I checked my direct deposit b/c today is PAYDAY! Yay! Except I shorted myself 40 hours of pay due to a typo. Not good folks, not good. So I had to track down how to take care of that. By typing in my employee id incorrectly I shorted myself & probably overpaid someone else at another location. What a mess, but I should get a check by Monday.
  • They sent me a new desktop. Yay! Except now I have to figure out how to transfer all of my files from this computer to the new one. And then call IT to set up the printer. And resolve never to type again while I'm eating so that my new keyboard won't get full of crumbs like this one.
  • My boss went on vacation yesterday & we have received two inquiries for two new customers. They ask all kinds of impossible questions regarding charges & fees, etc. & I have to try to answer them. We haven't had a call like that in months. What else will happen while he's basking in the warm Florida sun?

Ok, I know. Enough griping. It's just amazing how everything happens at once! It makes me so grateful for the weekend. It also makes me grateful that I can pray & ask the Lord to set a watch over my mouth & give me the grace to apologize when I get sharp with my co-workers. I'm sure you all understand the struggle that can take place when someone makes constant demands on you or behaves in a very passive-aggressive way. Yep, gotta have some divine control when those kinds of evil shenanigans are going on.

I hope you all have a wonderful, restful, & productive weekend! I'm going to get some miles in (3 today, 11 tomorrow, & 1 on Sunday), go with Beth to get her dress fitted, meet with the cake lady, celebrate my sweet g-pa's b-day, enjoy a couple of worship services, & hopefully get something done around the house.


Erin said...

Wow! You had quite a week. Hope the weekend was good. Love ya!

Theo-Ann said...

Hi Mary Ann! It was great hearing from ya. I wrote a note to both you and Erin on my post about the amarillos. I've also added you to my friends' blog list. Have a happy day!