Monday, March 9, 2009

Kitchen Update

I know these pics are a little sad b/c they are so little, but I uploaded them from my phone so it's the best I could do. You can see in these pics the wooden countertops Mike has built. I love them! They are stained but not sealed yet. Hopefully we can get some warm, non-windy days soon so that he can take them outside & finish them up.
Mike got a kit & converted the dummy drawers in front of the sink into those little flip out things. So nice! One side even has a little ring holder. And he thought of that all on his own. I came home one day & he had just done it. What a guy!

This built in hutch had enamel paint on the counter top part. We hadn't done anything with it yet b/c a surface with enamel paint has to be roughed up or paint will just peel off of it. When Mike started to sand the boards he decided just to sand the paint all the way off. Voila! We have a beautiful old wood counter top for the hutch now. I think it looks great!

We also decided that the ceiling fan needed to be replaced. It was a nice one, but it was brass & cherry wood. All of our hardware is brushed nickel & the wood is definitely not cherry. We found this one at Menard's & installed it Saturday. The following day it went on sale for $21 less. *sigh* I guess you can't win all of the bargain wars, can you?
Anyway, for once we had a productive weekend! I wasn't working or sick so we were able to tackle our To Do List with gusto. Also, on Friday I got to meet with my two bridesmaids & get them fitted for their dresses. So we got a little bit of wedding stuff done, too!


Arlene said...

Usually, if you take your receipt in within a certain number of days, a lot of stores will do a price adjustment so you can be reimbursed the difference after the sale... it's worth a shot, right? :o)

Your house is coming along really nicely -- great to be marrying such a handyman, too, huh?! :o)

Erin said...

It's hard to see, but from what I can tell it's beautiful!!! You guys have done a great job on the house. I can't wait to come see it again sometime.