Friday, May 29, 2009

A Little Sneak Peak!

Last Friday I had such a wonderful day! I only worked from 7 -11 & then I headed home to put together a yummy lasagna with spinach (I'd never done that before & it turned out so delish!). then my friends Stephanie, Becky, & Carol came by & we piled in with my mom & all of our dresses to meet with Beth at the bridal shop for one huge fitting party! It was so fun - visiting, catching up, wearing our dresses :-) I was so happy to put my dress on & see how it still fit, etc. I wasn't worried about it being too small since I've lost some weight this winter due to illness & the race, but I was a little worried that it got big in awkward places, if you know what I mean ;-)

Anyway, I thought I'd post one of the pics that Carol sent to me. It gives you a preview of my dress (don't worry; Mike never checks out my blog) & Steph is in the pic with me wearing her bridesmaid get-up. I think we look rather cute!

Really all they have to do to alter my dress is take up the shoulders. One benefit of being 5' 10" is that they never have to hem your formals. If I was the slightest bit taller they would have to order me a long. I'm super glad I can just wear satin slippers so my feet will be comfy. I also got some white flip flops for the reception.

After we got fitted, we did a little shopping, then some of the girls had to head for home. Steph & Carol were able to come back to the house for our yummy lasagna dinner. We had a great time around the table visiting & laughing. The Lord does bless us immensely when He gives us friends. I have some of the very best in the world!

In other wedding news, we worked on our massive pile of invitations last night & with minimal effort this evening, we should have them finished up & in the mail tomorrow...b/c

tomorrow marks the six week point!

I can hardly believe it. There are still tons of details to hammer out, but I've gotten some things accomplished. I have submitted my vacation request at my full-time job & I'm going to take care of the part-time gig tonight. The first shower is tomorrow. I'm excited but deep down I feel kind of funny. I didn't help plan a bit of it, I haven't prepared any of the food, & I feel guilty about people buying us stuff. Is that weird? It just feels strange not helping out & being the center of attention. And I have a raging case of poison ivy on my legs and not a single skirt that will cover it. The wardrobe dilemma is getting dire. The doctor is supposed to call me in a prescription tonight. Will the poison be gone by morning? That would be SUPERB!

We also picked up our engagement pics this week. We got a free 11x13. There is something super scary about seeing your own face that size. Anybody agree? I think Mike looks handsome & I look stupid. He thinks I look beautiful & he looks stupid. We are indeed a match made in heaven, are we not? ;-)

Am I am so super tempted to check our registries online. Isn't that awful of me? Someone else confess right quick that they did the same thing!

That's about all I've got for today...I'm so glad it's Friday. Even with the holiday I have worked far more than normal this week (36 hours at one job & 24 at the other). I'm tired, a little moody, itchy, & so ready for two whole days off!

What are your plans for this weekend?


Anonymous said...

OK. I am so totally going on a diet from now til the wedding. Thanks for posting the picture to remind me! :) At least the sash will hide some of that. One positive, you'll be such a beautiful bride no one will be looking at the rest of us. It was a fun day. I enjoyed it immensely! Can't wait for the details on the shower. Wish I could be there!


Adele said...

Your dress looks beautiful! I love it - very elegant and sophisticated, but not stuffy at all.

Have a wonderful time at the shower and don't feel guilty! Enjoy it! I looked at our baby registry (when I was preg with Gavin), then instantly felt guilty for ruining the surprise. It was like finding my Christmas presents in the closet.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the time off!

Anonymous said...

The better question would be, who didn't take a peek at their registry to see what's been bought? ;)

Alicia said...

Wow, what an exciting time you are embarking on! The last few weeks pre-wedding are such a blast!

You look GORGEOUS in your wedding dress!!!! Are you sure Mike won't look at your blog? Love the cut and style of the dress -- so classy and simple and feminine! And what a cute bridesmaid dress!!! Definitely a style that you could wear again without feeling like a bridesmaid.

Enjoy the shower today and soak up all the love and generosity people show you! I agree, it is humbling to receive so much attention and stuff but the givers enjoy it immensely! Besides, it's a good preview for all the attention and gifts you'll be getting for the actual wedding.

Sharon said...

You look so beautiful! Love your dress. Yes, I think I peaked at my registry too:) You just have to know if you need to register for more case everything's been bought right????!!!!!lol

ruth said...

Love love LOVE your dress! You look fabulous! I'll be honest, I didn't look at my registry, but I do sympathize with the awkward feelings about being the center of attention and people buying you stuff... it does feel weird. You get used to it, though. By your wedding day, you'll be loving being the center of attention. ;)

Karis said...

You are beautiful! I love the dress, and I'm glad you had such a great day.

I also feel awkward at showers being the center of attention and people sacrificing to give. I like it when people visited amongst themselves while I'm opening up gifts -- that put me more at ease. It's so fun to help others get started with a marriage or a new child, and it's such a blessing when others helped me in this way.

Missy said...

oh my goodness. you look absolutely beautiful. i actually have tears in my eyes... of course, i've been crying a lot lately anyway... ;)
I'M SO SAD I CAN'T BE THERE! please post tons of pictures on fb, etc. i LOVE the dress. what are your flowers, etc.? you ask on today's post if anyone else is as excited as you two??? i'm a close second, and i can't even come!