Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Half Day!

Woot! Woot! I'm leaving work early!!!
I'm bumming out at 11:00 (only 46 minutes to go!) b/c I'm meeting up with my college friend, Erin today. I haven't seen her since last fall, so we have LOTS to catch up on. I've got my laptop equipped with wedding pics, her giveaway prizes, & a full tank of gas. We are both traveling about an hour to meet up in a town that we don't really know. I have been there several times b/c there is a hospital there that we occasionally deliver to. So I know where the hospital, a truck stop & a Starbucks are located. We should be fine! :-)

As far as other weekend activities are concerned - it's gonna be great! I sometimes struggle with fall, even with all of its beauty, b/c I know winter is coming. This year has been even harder b/c I feel like I kind of missed summer - the temps were cooler here, the wedding took a ton of time that I could have been outside, etc. So I'm trying to remind myself about all the fun & super interesting fall festivals that take place this time of year. Mike & I are hitting one tomorrow in a little town where he spent a lot of time as a child. I'm excited to see his 'old stomping grounds'. Then Sunday afternoon we are meeting up with my family to go to a park where they have a pioneer village all set up. We have gone to this little festival every year for as long as I can remember & it will be Mike's first time. Here's hoping for some warm sunshine to shine down on us!

What are your weekend plans? Anything fun or adventurous?


Alicia said...

Sounds like you've got a stellar weekend lined up! I hear ya -- fall totally sneaked up on us this year too and I'm very much missing summer instead of fully enjoying fall. Hope the weather holds out for your festival-going!

Erin said...

I had such a good time catching up with you. Your pictures are beautiful!!!! Love you!