Monday, October 12, 2009

Are You Kidding Me???

Oops...I think that might have been my expression when I checked the schedule at my second job last Friday night. The work week there runs Sunday through Monday. I didn't have to report for duty last week until Friday night. I knew I was supposed to work Saturday and that was going to be my 11 hours for the week (5 1/2 on Friday night & 5 1/2 on Saturday morning). Wrong! I was scheduled a full eight hour day on Saturday. Ugh, but you know, I can roll with it was what I thought. Then I looked a little lower on the bulletin board for the next week's schedule. Major angry frowny face took over my visage at that point. I was on the schedule for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday. Six hours on Sunday plus 5 1/2 hours on Monday through Wednesday = 22 1/2 hours! That is just a little more than the 11 hours per week that my manager & I had agreed upon as the hours I would work. Ugh, ugh, double ugh!
One of the other pharmacy techs decided she would take a vacation this week. Plus our pharmacy manager is on vacation which means that we will be using floater pharmacists all week so there can be no scrimping on technician coverage. We only have two part-time techs including me. The other part-timer is a college student & she is 'overloaded' with assignments this week. So I get to tote the load! Today is my first of three 14 hour days and day #8 without a day off. *sigh* Do you feel sorry for me yet? 'Cause there's one more thing! At my full-time job my boss is on vacation, too. So the other pharmacist is covering all the hours - open to close, Monday through Friday - and he tends to get a bit grumpy, too. It's been all sunshine here today, let me tell you!
The bright spot in my week - Thursday Steph & I take off for Tennessee to get together with Christy & Rachel (college buddies). I'm very sad to leave Mike, especially since I will hardly get to see him for the next three days. It will be wonderful to catch up with the girls, though. And I'm so grateful my husband understands that.
How is your week shaping up? Anybody doing anything fun or fall-ish? It's a beautiful, crisp autumn day here with the leaves just starting to look colorful...


Adele said...

I hope you don't get yourself too warn out - you know they're all going to want to stay up and chat! :) Hope you ladies have a wonderful time meeting the newest babies and seeing Christie's new home. Wish I could be there! Maybe next year.

No plans at this point other than trying to take care of two sick family members and hoping the other two don't get something too. Oh, and I should probably hope I don't get anything either!

I did buy some gourds and mini pumpkins tonight. That's fallish, isn't it?

Karis said...

I definitely feel for you! I remember working 50-55 hours a week when Dan was in seminary, but that was easier because it was all at the same job and it was almost always in 5 days. Even then, I would start to feel overwhelmed at times. Hang in there! And countdown the hours until Thursday. :-)

I bought some fall decorations (including some fake fall leaves) at a missionary moving sale awhile ago, but it's so hot that I just haven't felt motivated to try to make our living room look "fallish."

Erin said...

Sorry to hear about all the hours. I understand how hard that is. The paycheck will be nice though. :) Hope you have fun with the girls.

Heather Botts said...

Where are you going in TN..You better not have been close to me! ;)