Monday, October 19, 2009

Works of God Monday

My last post was all about my crazy hectic schedule & I have to admit that I seriously wondered how I was going to get through all those hours of work. To recap, I worked 10 days in a row and I worked 3 fourteen hours days in a row. I was dreading it with every fiber of my being. I was afraid I would come down with some sort of illness (it always seems to strike when I am stressed). I was worried I would be too beat to enjoy my trip to Nashville, TN to visit Christy, Steph, & Rachel. I was worried. I was afraid. I was anxious.
And every morning my Lord met me at my bedside. I received grace & strength from Him to make it through each of those work days. And I didn't plod along, barely holding my head up. I was joyful; I handled difficult tasks with a smile; I was able to drive for hours without going to sleep at the wheel.
One of the friends in our group that usually makes our little reunions is Adele. I was thinking of her on Monday morning & how I would miss her this year. She was unable to join us due to the responsibilities of deputation as they prepare to go to the mission field of Slovakia. One of Dellie's favorite hymns is "Day By Day." As I thought of her the words to that hymn flooded my mind - especially the line that says, " thy days thy strength shall be in measure." That thought set the tone for the rough work days. As the hours ticked by I was reminded of truths that I already knew well (but needed to be reminded of). The Lord has never left me alone. He has never left me without the strength for the task that lies before me. I can never praise Him enough for the way He cares for me.


Karis said...

What a wonderful testimony. And I absolutely love the song "Day by Day." I have sung that song so many times and cried tears as I thought of the many truths that I need to hang on one day at a time.

Another song along the lines of never being left alone is "No, Never Alone" at least I think that's the title. The chorus is something like, "No, never alone. No, never alone. He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone." Anyway, we sing that song in French, and it was a couple of Wednesdays ago when my heart was so filled with the words that I was fighting tears. And then as I glanced around, I saw faces all around me with the same expression on them that I could feel on mine. We all seemed to need that song that night. We all face times no matter what our culture or place in life where we just need that reminder.

iicor514 said...

Amen! The Lord always grants us just enough time to do exactly The best for Him each day.

Thanks for writing these posts. We enjoy the window you provide into your life and the church.

Paul, Jo Anna, & Felicia Harmon

Erin said...

God is always so good! It never ceases to amaze me how He gives us what we need when we need it. Love you!